Like other invertebrate marine life, octopus is considered a very useful product. Cooked from tender, protein-rich dietary meat with a pleasant sweetish taste a variety of foods – appetizers, soups, main dishes. And, of course, a delicious low-calorie salad of octopuses – boiled, grilled, canned or pickled under different dressings and in combination with vegetables, fruits, leafy and spicy greens.

Salad with octopus, egg and fresh tomatoes
how приготовить низкокалорийный салат с осьминогом к праздничному столу
Ingredients amount
fresh octopus 1 kg
bulbs 1 PC.
garlic 2 teeth
a tomato 1 PC.
hard-boiled eggs 2 pcs.
parsley bundle
olive oil 150 ml
9% table vinegar 4 tbsp. l.
salt and pepper taste
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 153 Kcal

Classic, very simple salad with a classic combination of ingredients. The recipe uses the most common, inexpensive, affordable products..

  1. Raw octopus is almost impossible to clean well. Therefore, the carcass is lowered for 5-8 seconds in boiling water. Thanks to this technique, it will be much easier to remove the thin slippery skin from the carcass. Beak, eyes, chord and suckers on the tentacles are also removed. Salads use only invertebrate fillets and tentacles.. octopus в кипятке
  2. The cleaned octopus is washed, boiled in water without salt. Cool, not getting out of the broth.
  3. Cut the meat into small cubes. Salt. octopus кусочками
  4. Onion peel, cut into half rings thinly. Garlic and washed, dried parsley is crushed. Sliced ​​Tomatoes. sliced лук
  5. All of these ingredients are mixed in one bowl, seasoned with olive oil, and watered with vinegar. Salt and pepper to taste. sauce из помидор и лука
  6. Hard-boiled eggs are peeled, diced or sliced. cutting вареного яйца
  7. Pieces of cooled octopus lay out a slide on the dish. Pour over the sauce. Spread egg pieces on top.

The salad is left in the fridge for half an hour, so that tender meat is soaked by pouring. Served dish chilled.

Quick snack with canned octopus

Unlike previous recipes for the preparation of this salad with seafood time is spent much less. The main ingredient of the dish is completely ready to eat, so all that is needed is to cut and mix it with the other products..

For 2 servings:

  • 1 can of octopus canned in its own juice;
  • 1 onion (white, lettuce);
  • 3 hard boiled eggs;
  • 2 tbsp. l light mayonnaise or greek yogurt;
  • salt.

Salad assembly time is 20 minutes. Caloric content – 135 kcal / 100 g.


  1. Canned octopus get out of the jar, cut into pieces. Liquid is drained or left to prepare other dishes, such as seafood risotto..
  2. Shells are removed from eggs. Diced.
  3. Onion peel, cut into thin quarters.
  4. All products are mixed in a salad bowl. Salt to taste. Wash with mayonnaise, mix.

Salad should stand for about 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Then you can serve to the table, decorating (if desired) with parsley leaves.

In the video – a recipe for a salad of canned octopus and oranges:

Spicy dish with pickled seafood

The food will especially appeal to lovers of spicy dishes with an original taste. A salad with seafood marinated in garlic and pieces of bell pepper turns out fragrant, deliciously tasty and is always eaten by guests in the first place.

For 4 servings:

  • 750 fresh octopuses;
  • 1 sweet, fleshy pepper with red skin;
  • 1 tbsp. l sweet chili sauce;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • 2 tbsp. l lime juice;
  • 4 tbsp. l olive oil;
  • 3-4 cilantro twigs.

The total cooking time is 2.5 hours.

Caloric content – 125 kcal / 100 g.

pilaf с морепродуктами в мультиварке

Learn how to cook seafood pilaf in a slow cooker.

For lunch, you can cook tomato soup with seafood. Here you will find a recipe with photos..

Bake a cake with red fish and rice to treat the guests. By reference – detailed instructions.


  1. Octopuses are scalded with boiling water, peeled. Remove the suckers on the tentacles, eyes, beak, cartilage inside the body.
  2. The fillet is washed with running water, cut into large pieces..
  3. Garlic is passed through a press into olive oil.
  4. Octopus slices are mixed with garlic pouring. Leave to marinate in the fridge for 2 hours, tightening the bowl with food film.
  5. Preheat over a high heat the grill pan (grill grate can be used). Octopuses are fried until soft. 3-5 minutes are sufficient for small individuals, 10-15 minutes for large individuals.
  6. Bulgarian pepper washed, core removed. Pulp with thin skin cut into cubes.
  7. Kinzu chopped smaller.
  8. In a salad bowl mix pieces of sweet pepper, chopped greens, seafood. Salad with lime juice. Stirred.

Serve the dish immediately, while it is warm, or let stand for several minutes at room temperature. And in fact, and in another case, it turns out very tasty.

Warm salad with new potatoes

Warm salads can be prepared from both fresh and marinated octopus. If fresh seafood is used, it takes longer to cook. But the costs fully pay off the delicious taste of food..

warm салат из осьминогов с молодым картофелем

For 4 servings:

  • 1500 g raw octopus;
  • 6 medium potatoes;
  • 1 PC. onions;
  • 1 PC. red Yalta onions;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 celery stalk;
  • 2 small lemons;
  • 2 tbsp. l wine white vinegar;
  • sea ​​salt, ground black pepper;
  • greenery.

Food preparation time is 4 hours. Salad assembly – 15 minutes.

Calories – 70 kcal / 100 g.


  1. The carcass of the marine invertebrate is cleaned as described above. Fillet spread on a cutting board, cover with food film and beat well..
  2. Onions and carrots are cleaned. Celery stalk washed, cut into 5 cm pieces. Lemon washed, divided into 4 parts, without removing the peel.
  3. Water is poured into a saucepan, vegetables and citrus are laid out. Put on a strong fire.
  4. As soon as boils, put in an octopus pan. After boiling, reduce the fire and boil everything for at least 40 minutes. It is necessary that the meat is very soft.
  5. Seafood is left to cool in broth.
  6. After 30 minutes, take out, cut into slices. Marinate in a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar, salt, ground pepper 2 hours in the refrigerator.
  7. Potatoes are boiled in their skins. Allow to cool slightly, peel, cut into cube..
  8. Yalta onion cleaned, cut into half rings.
  9. In a salad bowl mix warm boiled potatoes, sweet onions, chopped greens (optional), octopus. Fill with oil, salt, and pepper.

The salad is stirred and served immediately..

Assorted with octopus, squid and vegetables

Bright, multi-color seafood salad with vegetables, which looks very appetizing and amazes with its taste. It is not very difficult to prepare the dish, because seafood is ready for use, canned. For a festive table this light meal fits perfectly..

vegetable салат с осьминогами и кальмарами

For 4 servings:

  • 300 g canned octopus;
  • 300 g canned squid;
  • 200 g frozen beans;
  • 4 ripe tomatoes;
  • 6 tbsp. l pitted olives;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • 8 celery stalks;
  • 2 bunches of parsley;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 2 tsp. chili flakes;
  • 6 tbsp. l olive oil;
  • salt.

Time – 20 minutes.

Calories – 100 kcal / 100 g.

Cooking salad:

  1. Vegetables and greens are washed. Celery is cut into thin slices, finely chopped parsley, tomatoes are cut into slices.
  2. String beans are boiled in lightly salted water. Drain, cool.
  3. With lemon cut thin strips of zest. Finely cut. Juice squeezed from the pulp.
  4. Olives cut in half lengthwise.
  5. Garlic is passed through the press. Mixed with chili, salt (0.5 tsp.), Olive oil, lemon juice..
  6. Open banks with canned octopus and squid. Liquid is drained, seafood is cut into pieces.
  7. All components of the salad mixed in a salad bowl. Add lemon zest. Spiced with spicy olive oil. Salt, add spices to taste.

Salad for a few minutes put in the fridge. Immediately before serving, mix again..

Useful tips

Octopus – quite difficult to handle the product. His need to be able to clean and cook.

If you under-or overdo seafood in boiling water (on the grill), the meat loses all taste, becomes like hard rubber and is not good for food.

But there are little tricks that will help avoid such trouble:

  1. For salads, it is better to buy small moscardini octopuses. Their meat is softer, young octopus is easier to clean and quicker to prepare..
  2. In a pan, carcasses are laid down with tentacles and exclusively in boiling water. If you put the product in a cold liquid and only then put it on a fire, the meat will become hard..
  3. Large fresh octopuses are cooked for at least 90 minutes on the smallest fire. Frozen seafood is enough to cook just 15 minutes.
  4. To speed up the cooking process, carcasses are frozen beforehand or left in the fridge for a day..

On the video you will find a good recipe for octopus salad:

The skin from large individuals is always removed. It will be easier and faster to do this by scalding the octopus with boiling water. Small octopus well enough to wash, remove the beak, eyes and internal cartilage. Do not need to scrub the skin.

And the last. In the process of cooking, the meat of a marine inhabitant “shrinks”, decreasing in size by 3 times. This point should be taken into account, selecting the proportions of the remaining ingredients of the salad.