The production of this tea originates in the 9th century AD, when a representative of the Tang dynasty reigned in the Tibetan plateau. In Europe, pu-erh tea became known only in the 20th century, when China ceased to be a closed country. This tea to this day is considered the most popular and valued throughout the world.. tea пуэр как выбрать Pu-erh tea has the name of the city – Pu-erh, where the tea market has developed from time immemorial. Pu-er is China’s legend and pride for more than ten centuries, and is considered the choice of true gourmets. Pu-erh tea has a refined taste and many varieties..

The popularity of tea lies in its special properties. He is credited with “liveliness,” in other words, enzyme, since fermentation does not stop in the leaves of the plant..

Tea and its varieties

Tea leaves are called maocha. After collecting them, they must be steamed and stored under certain conditions for a whole month. Pu-erh has two main varieties – shu and sheng, which in turn can have many varieties. In recent years, the variety of the two main varieties has greatly increased, since the demand for such tea is constantly increasing.. tea видыTwo varieties of tea differ in manufacturing technology. Shen Puer – green tea, which grows old naturally after its primary processing and pressing. After a certain time, its quality improves. The quality of shen Pu-erh is also affected by the observance of certain conditions for the storage of tea until complete aging. Puerh Shu – black tea, aged artificially. To obtain such a variety, it is pre-moistened with abundant moisture, and then covered with a cloth. This procedure activates the fermentation process, similar to wine or kefir. Regardless of the grade, tea differs in raw materials and in the form produced. For raw materials – it can be small-leaf and large-leaf tea, can be mixed or made from raw materials from the famous tea-house. Tea is produced in a pressed form and in loose, in lumps and tangerine, there is also a resin of tea puer. In this case, pressed tea has a variety of pressing – tablets and pellets, nests and bricks..

Subtleties of tea selection

It is believed that high-quality Pu-erh can not be chosen by brand manufacturer, as a powerful production, most likely, mixes raw materials to align taste. This sort of tea should be chosen on the basis of the aftertaste, but not everyone understands it, to the best of his passion for cigarettes or food, with flavor enhancers. In the absence of special skills and experience, tea ceremony masters are advised to pay attention to:

  1. High mountains;
  2. Age of the tree;
  3. Frequency of harvest;
  4. Harvest time;
  5. Soil;
  6. Weather;
  7. Storage and fermentation.

As with any tea, the height of the growth of tea tree is extremely important. The higher the plantation, the better and more valuable the leaf. Also important is the age of the tree. There are trees: the choice чая

  1. From the tea garden, that is, plantation teas. This tea has a weak aftertaste and does not have a soft taste. This tea has a lower class, as trees were fertilized with chemicals;
  2. The middle class. The age of such trees is up to 200 years, they are not exploited, as are plantation trees. The aftertaste of tea from such a tree is stronger from the previous one;
  3. Old ones These are trees that are more than 200 years old, from the mountainside. Tea collected from such a tree has a strong aftertaste. Tea collected from old wood has a high cost, as the raw material is very limited in quantity;
  4. Wild. Tea from wild wood, which grows in the depths of the jungle, only for true connoisseurs. As a rule, on the packaging, this sort of tea has a corresponding designation. It is superior in taste and excellent aftertaste. Its value is that it is grown without human intervention..

It is very important to know when tea is collected, so spring collection is of good quality, but the leaves collected in autumn are much better than summer collection..

Choice for the average man

Unfortunately, not everyone can choose tea according to such recommendations, because you need to focus on other moments. Namely – the smell of tea. It should have a bright and distinct smell, and, depending on age, have a smoky or woody scent. It is important to pay attention to the smell of mold – it should be absent, as well as other smells. On sale, Pu-erh tea should come well packed and stored in a cool, dry place without air access. It is advisable to have it in its original paper packaging..

The long-term tea briquette has a reddish tint, while the young tea is green. This tea has a pure black color. Tea briquettes should not contain white or yellow dots, as the latter are a sign of mold..

The subtleties of home tea ceremony

as заваривать чайGeneral recommendations for brewing pu-er at home, boil down to the fact that it cannot be brewed in earthenware, as well as several times in a row. For brewing tea fit glass teapot. Before brewing the container is rinsed with boiling water, as well as all the dishes that participate in the tea ceremony. Before brewing, the brewing must be thoroughly rinsed under hot running water to eliminate various impurities. After the brew is dried in a griddle, but not overcooked. Water from the water supply is a taboo. The appropriate filtered liquid is brought to the boiling point + 95C. The first brew lasts 2 minutes. The prepared ingredient is poured into a container and filled with water with a temperature of + 90s, then it is necessary to drain the water. The second time, steamed tea leaves are poured with a new portion of boiling water, they insist another 2 minutes..

How to brew Pu-erh correctly: the influence of form on the process of tea brewing

Masters of the tea ceremony are advised to brew tea in a good mood with complete peace of mind, as this affects the taste of tea. For brewing tea, it is important to choose a suitable dish. Prepared drink is preferably consumed when the temperature reaches + 45C. Tea brewing, depending on the form, has its own characteristics:

Pressed tea, namely – in the form of a pancake or flat bread, you need:

  • To break away from the total piece, in the aggregate it should be about 5 grams. It is important to break the tea very carefully so as not to break the petals, as this affects the taste of bitterness when drinking tea;
  • For brewing, prepare water + 80С / + 95С;
  • Warm up the dishes in advance and wash the brew twice with hot water;
  • Put the prepared part of tea in the teapot, fill it for 30 seconds, then drain and pour again with enough water to cover all the cups. Tea can be started only 15 minutes after brewing..

Puer tea is fine in taste and aroma, so you need to brew it:

  • Thoroughly clean the tea leaves with hot running water;
  • Put 2 teaspoons of tea in the teapot; for a strong drink – 4 spoons of puer;
  • Leave brewed tea for 15 minutes.

Pu-erh tea is very convenient when brewing, for this you need:

  • Rinse the tea gently and knead it, but do not break the petals so that there is no bitterness;
  • Pour boiling water (about + 90s) and insist 5 minutes.

puer брикеты

Features of Puerh Resin and Its Brewing

Puerh resin is a concentrate of tea leaves. Making it very laborious and difficult. This is a very rich drink that has a bright aroma with woody shades and a very deep taste.. ceremony чаяChinese healers are sure that Pu-erh resin tends to relieve a hangover, helps to clean and strengthen blood vessels. The prepared drink of such a resin has a reassuring effect, contributes to the improvement of resistance to physical and moral stress, without exposing the body to danger. In order to properly prepare a drink from Pu-erh resin, it is necessary to prepare a container in which 2 product granules of 0.5 gr each are placed. each Then fill them with filtered water with a temperature of + 95C. The drink can be consumed after it has been brewed for 4 minutes. You can brew tea from resin Pu-erh until the latter is completely dissolved..

Drinking technique

This special drink should not be used with sweets and other pastry delights. Sugar deprives tea of ​​uniqueness, multifaceted taste and usefulness. It is important to take tea only freshly prepared, it is absolutely impossible to overdo brewing for more than an hour. The longer the aging of the tea leaves, the more the tea resembles poison. You should know the higher the quality, the less you need to brew it. If you give more time to brew tea, its taste will be more tart. The more often tea is brewed, the less it becomes more concentrated, while the aroma becomes richer. On average, the first brew can last 40 seconds, the second time, tea is brewed for about 50 seconds, the third brew is 60 seconds, the fourth is 2 minutes 30 seconds and the last 3 minutes.

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Benefits and effects of pu-erh tea

The drink helps to improve clarity of thinking and consciousness, has cleansing properties. It has an invigorating effect, which is an undeniable competition for coffee. Thanks to the use of tea Pu-erh can be adjusted:

  1. Digestion;
  2. Metabolism;
  3. Blood circulation and blood pressure;
  4. Cholesterol level;
  5. Sugar level;
  6. The condition of the skin.

The chemical composition of tea, has a beneficial effect on the entire body, as it contains:

  1. Alkaloids, among them theobromine, theine and theophylline. Thanks to him, tea has a tonic effect, contributes to the active work of the brain system, nourishes the body with oxygen, dilates blood vessels, and is generally able to improve the overall tone of the human body..
  2. Vitamins of groups A, C, E, P;
  3. Minerals – zinc, potassium and fluorine, manganese and chromium;
  4. sateen, which are formed in the fermentation process. They have a beneficial effect on the body of people who suffer from coronary heart disease, help counteract the development of stroke, lower cholesterol;
  5. Amino acids;
  6. Saccharides;
  7. Phenol compounds, namely catechins, phenolic acids, and anthocyanins. These elements have antibacterial properties and anti-cancer effect..

Caution in use

Puer has no contraindications, but should be wary of people who suffer from high blood pressure. Do not take the drink on an empty stomach, as it activates the secretion of gastric juice, which will lead to heartburn and stomach pain.

Useful tips

Pu-erh is a rather expensive tea. It is still considered a medicine in China. Its properties are confirmed by studies that were conducted in France and Japan. It should be noted that healers from Buddhist monasteries consider tea to be mystical, because for each patient, according to the location of the heavenly bodies and other features, a certain Puerh is chosen. To distinguish Pu-erh from a fake, you need to brew it – 3g / 125 ml boiling water. The brew for quality control is infused for about 5 minutes. During this time, the color of the drink is visible. If it is very dark, almost opaque, then this is a real Puerh, which will have astringency and a little bitterness. The tea leaf should be hard, and the flavor is a little earthy, but by no means sour..