The uniqueness of green tea is that, due to its healing properties, it is beneficial to humans. Only by observing the rules of brewing and the culture of consumption of green tea, one can appreciate its unique taste and aroma..

how правильно заваривать и пить зеленый чай

In recent years, many are increasingly choosing green tea, appreciating its exquisite taste and healthy qualities. This drink helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, diseases of the teeth, kidney stones..

Due to its antioxidant properties, it is a means of preventing cancer. In addition, green tea has a tonic effect, promotes metabolic processes in the body. Let’s find out how to brew green tea..

What to brew

The taste and quality of green tea depends on the dishes in which it is cooked. The usual dishes for brewing tea is a teapot. Teapots are different, depending on the material of manufacture..

View of the teapot Merits disadvantages
Glass You can observe the process of brewing tea leaves. Inexpensive price. Poor heat retention.
Faience Maintains the desired water temperature.
Porcelain Keeps warm. Costs more than a pottery brew.
Ceramic Retains heat, allows you to reveal the taste and aroma of tea.
Clay Helps to “breathe” tea leaves. Rarely available.
Metal Retains heat well. Subject to oxidation when poor quality manufacturing.

What water is better to choose

can холодным пить

The taste of green tea depends a lot on water. Spring water is considered the best, but not everyone has the opportunity to use it..

Therefore, it is better to give preference to bottled water or use water from the tap, after cleaning it with a filter. If this is not possible, you can prepare the water yourself..

To do this, pour it into a bottle and put it in the freezer for a while until the water is partially icy. Now you can get the bottle out of the cold, drain the unfrozen water, and defrost the ice. The result is melt water purified in this way from metal salts and other impurities..

How to

Now you can start boiling water, but not up to 100 ° C. The optimal temperature for brewing green tea is 85 ° C. As soon as the first boiling bubbles appear, water is ready.

Such boiling is called “silver” when boiled water still retains the oxygen contained in it. Now you need to warm the teapot, pouring boiling water over it. This allows tea to fully brew and quickly cool..

The amount of water depends on the number of cups. Per one cup you need to take one teaspoon of dried leaves..

This tea takes less time to brew than black. After 1 minute, he is ready to drink. If the drink is infused more, it will become stronger, as more tannins will go into the water..

Therefore, it is advisable to drink tea as soon as it is brewed. So it will be tastier and healthier. Green tea can be brewed several times (up to 7 times) using the same tea leaves, while increasing the time of infusion. With each subsequent cup in tea, more nutrients are released..

Good quality green tea usually has whole leaves that are fully expanded during the brewing process. The leaf color is green with a silvery or golden hue. The product in the bags may be of poor quality, as it is often a waste from the production of tea. The taste of the drink from different manufacturers may vary significantly. Therefore, everyone makes their choice by trying several varieties..

How to make tea in a cup

tea в чашке

Not everyone prefers to use a teapot, someone is satisfied with the process of making tea in a cup. At the same time, the same rules are followed as in applying the teapot..

How to brew leaf green tea right in a mug: the water is heated to the desired temperature, then a cup is poured with boiling water. Dry a teaspoon in a cup to pour dry leaves and pour water.

In a minute you can already drink a hot drink. After the first cup of drink, you can refill the remaining brew with water to make another batch..

Milk Oolong

This tea with an unusual name in our country managed to evaluate only a few, because until recently no one had heard of it. But more and more often they began to offer this exotic tea drink in tea shops..

It got its name because its taste is milky and creamy. Such tea is not cheap, and it is sold exclusively in specialized stores..

The method of preparation of milk oolong is similar to the technology of brewing ordinary green tea.

Preference is given to earthenware or china. Water at boiling is heated to a temperature of 85 ° C or, if necessary, cooled to this limit. It is advisable to use if not spring water, then at least bottled table water..

So, how to brew milk oolong green tea? Tea pot should be poured with hot water before brewing. Then pour the infused volume of water heated to the desired temperature..

For 500 ml of water is taken 8-9 g of dry brewing. After a couple of seconds, the water from the teapot needs to be drained, leaving the steamed tea leaves inside. This procedure helps to “wake up” tea, clean it from unnecessary impurities and dust particles..

to pour заварку

After that, you can proceed to the main brewing of tea. It is necessary to pour water into the teapot and wait a minute..

to pour молоко и мед

Then the drink can be poured into cups and begin to use it..

add молоко и мед

Brewing milk oolong from one portion of tea leaves is allowed up to 8 times. The main thing – do not forget to control the temperature of the heated water and gradually increase the time of brewing, each time adding half a minute.

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Drinking milk oolong is desirable in the morning, but not before bedtime, as this drink invigorates and gives strength.

How to drink

  1. Green tea should be drunk as soon as it is brewed. The present longer drink loses its use;
  2. Do not drink cooled green tea. It no longer contains vitamins and nutrients;
  3. In the drink should not add sugar or honey. If you really want to, then take a bit of sugar while drinking tea;
  4. Do not drink tea immediately after a meal. It is better to cook it in half an hour, arranging a small tea ceremony for yourself;
  5. You can drink no more than 10 g of dry green leaf per day. In one teaspoon is placed 1-2 g of tea leaves depending on the type of tea and the size of tea leaves..
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