Today, the Internet can find a whole sea of ​​different recipes for Easter cakes. But we decided to offer you something special – “Excellent” cakes on kefir.

What do you think this pastry is special for? The whole secret is in the title, because the cakes are incredible! Lush, fragrant, airy, soft, yes they just melt in your mouth!

You are required to try both recipes that we have created for you. Here there is a classic version (that is, on yeast) and fast (it is without yeast, because it is prepared in half an hour). Let everyone choose for himself which one is more to his liking..

Step-by-step recipe
how испечь кулич «Бесподобный» на кефире
Ingredients amount
flour 545 g
kefir 260 ml
sugar sand 280 g
butter 125 g
white chocolate 50 g
yeast pressed 40 g
salt 2 g
eggs 2 pcs.
raisins 70 g
sour cream 65 ml
vanilla sugar 15 g
lemon 1 PC.
Time for preparing: 220 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 300 Kcal

Cooking a cake on Kefir “Predominant” in steps:

  1. To knead the yeast in a crumb with the help of a spoon or hands;
  2. Add to them 10 g of sugar, 30 g of flour and 30 ml of water, mix well;
  3. Mass in the heat for ten minutes;
  4. During this time, in a large container, pass another glass of flour through a sieve;
  5. Heat sour cream and add to flour; to mix сметану
  6. There to send kefir and the approached yeast; add дрожжи
  7. Stir and leave the mass for fifty minutes;
  8. Hold the brew for about an hour, during which time it should rise;
  9. When the hour is almost over, beat the eggs; add белки
  10. Add the eggs to the dough and the rest of the flour through a sieve and half the sugar;
  11. Knead the dough and put it in a warm place for another hour; add муку
  12. Soft butter cut into cubes and mix it with sugar;
  13. Whisk in a fluffy, airy mass;
  14. Add salt, vanilla sugar, mix;
  15. Lemon wash, dry. Remove the grated zest into it and add to the butter too;
  16. When it came, add oil to it and mix thoroughly again, but first with a spoon, because everything is terribly sticking. Then you can connect and hands; sponge
  17. Knead soft dough, dusting the table with flour;
  18. In the ready mass add raisins, chocolate pieces; add изюм
  19. Mass divided into parts to fill the form into 1/3 part; add в формы
  20. Leave for thirty minutes to come;
  21. Preheat the cupboard to 160 degrees and bake the cakes for 20 minutes, then add to the temperature of 20 degrees and bake for another 10 minutes.

Kulich on Kefir “Predominant” without yeast

  • 160 grams of sugar;
  • 135 g butter;
  • 330 ml of kefir;
  • 15 g vanilla sugar;
  • 140 g raisins;
  • 340 grams of flour;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 3g soda.

Time – 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Calories – 286.


  1. Rinse the lemon and cut off the zest with a special float;
  2. Add soda to kefir, mix and leave for ten minutes;
  3. Throw the butter in a saucepan and dissolve it on the fire;
  4. Give him sugar, zest and mix well;
  5. Mix butter with kefir, mix;
  6. Add raisins, then gradually pour the flour through a sieve;
  7. Knead the dough with a spatula;
  8. “Pour” into forms, filling them by 1/3;
  9. Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius and bake “Matchless” Easter cakes for no more than thirty minutes – judged by ruddy hats.

Useful tips

All products for the preparation of dough, it is desirable to pre-pull out of the refrigerator, so that they were all at room temperature. Due to this, no cold product will suspend / delay the activity of the yeast. The only exception is if the prescription states that a particular product needs to be further heated or, conversely, cooled..

If you are afraid that the growing mass will stain the towel, you can cover it with cling film or pre-treat the dough with flour, vegetable oil.

To make raisins or other dried fruits / nuts / candied fruits better distributed over the dough, they can be rolled in flour and added as such. Flour will evenly distribute the product throughout the mass. Flour, by the way, can not be replaced with powdered sugar or starch.

To dissolve sugar faster in dough or butter, you can use powdered sugar instead of sand..

When you are preparing the dough on yeast for cakes on kefir, you must remember what conditions it needs to provide. Firstly, during the mixing, the room must be warm, there should be no wind and drafts. The same applies to the time when the mass rises. Well, and another nuance, which, by the way, may seem ridiculous – a good mood. They say that the better your mood, the better baking.


“For the first time I cooked cakes in general, because I was always afraid to work with yeast dough. This year, at Easter, finally decided to try. I never would have thought that it was so easy! It seems that the yeasts themselves want to work with you, they rise very quickly and actively. Sifted flour twice, and therefore, I think, it turned out very light and airy dough. Kulichi “Excellent” on kefir just melted in your mouth. I advise everyone! ”

“By the holiday every year I bake pasochki, but I never tried to make dough based on kefir. Then I decided to take a chance and was not mistaken. Even without adding yeast in the oven, everything went up and it turned out incredibly tasty! Plus the recipe without yeast is that within an hour your “Unmatched” cakes are ready, and if you cook with yeast, then it will take only a few hours to prepare the dough. ”.