Baked pork meat attracts with its appetizing smell and appearance, from which it is simply impossible to resist. And if it is also cooked with vegetables and aromatic spices, it will be not just a delicious dinner, but also a festive treat..

Therefore, if you still do not know how to surprise your guests and family members, be sure to use several recipes for cooking pork in the oven with tomatoes and cheese.

Classic recipe
how запечь свинину с помидорами и сыром в духовке
Ingredients amount
pork meat one and a half kilogram
a tomato 4 things.
hard cheese slice 170g
garlic cloves 3 pcs.
bow 3 pcs.
mayonnaise 4 large spoons
salt to your taste
spices to your taste
vegetable oil Little
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 185 Kcal

Prepare step by step pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven:

  1. For cooking, you need to use boneless pulp. The meat is thoroughly washed, if there is a lot of fat, then it must be cut;
  2. Next, the pulp is cut lengthwise into portions, the size of the thickness of each slice should be no more than 2 cm;
  3. On top of each slice of meat, we lay out a plastic wrap and beat it with a kitchen mallet;
  4. Sprinkle with salt, spices; meat отбить
  5. It is necessary to place parchment paper on the surface of the baking sheet, sprinkle it with vegetable oil and place the pieces of meat;
  6. Garlic cloves are peeled, squeezed lobules through a press;
  7. Put the garlic in a bowl, put the mayonnaise and stir; mayonnaise
  8. Ready sauce you need to grease the pieces of pork;
  9. Peel the onion from the husk and cut it into thin rings;
  10. Spread onion rings on meat that is greased with sauce; bow нарезать
  11. Wash tomatoes, cut them into thin circles;
  12. Fold the tomato circles on top of the meat directly into onion slices; add помидор
  13. Heat the oven to 200 degrees, put a baking tray in the oven;
  14. Leave to bake for 20 minutes;
  15. Meanwhile, the cheese is rubbed into large chips;
  16. After 20 minutes, take out the baking sheet, sprinkle with wiped cheese on top; cheese
  17. Remove to the oven again and leave to cook for another 15 minutes;
  18. We take out the finished pork with tomatoes and cheese crust, lay out the plates and serve on the table.

Yummy puff in the oven

Components for cooking:

  • 700 grams of pork;
  • tomatoes – 3 pieces;
  • 300 grams of champignons;
  • two onions;
  • a slice of hard cheese – 100 grams;
  • three large spoons of sour cream;
  • 50 grams of mayonnaise;
  • some salt;
  • spices to taste.

Cooking time – 70-80 minutes.

Calories – 228 kcal.

How to cook pork with tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese layers in the oven:

  1. First you need to clear the onion from the husk and cut it into half rings;
  2. It is recommended to use the baking dish with a non-stick coating; additionally, parchment can be laid on its bottom;
  3. Lubricate the bottom or parchment with vegetable oil and lay out the onion slices in a uniform layer;
  4. Pork pulp is washed with cool water, cut off excess fat;
  5. Cut the meat into small pieces with a thickness of 1 cm. They should be the same as the chops;
  6. Then the meat must be well beaten off from both sides with a kitchen hammer or a knife handle;
  7. Rub the pieces on both sides with salt and spices;
  8. Put the pork on a layer of onion;
  9. Put a few large spoons of mayonnaise in a bowl and add sour cream. Everything needs to be mixed well;
  10. Half of the sauce is necessary to lubricate the meat;
  11. Wash tomatoes, cut into thin circles;
  12. Spread tomatoes on top of pork slices;
  13. We wash the mushrooms, clean the caps from dirt;
  14. Cut the mushrooms into plates, put them in a bowl, sprinkle with salt, spices and mix;
  15. Spread the mushrooms on top of the tomatoes and grease with the rest of the sauce;
  16. A piece of cheese must be rubbed with a grater with a coarse grill;
  17. We heat the oven to 180 degrees and place the form with all the components there;
  18. Cook in the oven should be about 40 minutes;
  19. Next, we take out the form, sprinkle it on top with mashed cheese chips and send it back to the oven;
  20. Bake all you need about 20 minutes;
  21. Then take out, cut into portions and lay out on plates.

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Pork Accordion with Tomatoes and Cheese in the Oven


To prepare you will need the following ingredients:

  • pork meat with oblong shape of about 1 kilogram;
  • one big tomato;
  • 180 grams of hard cheese;
  • 3 garlic teeth;
  • 1 large spoon of mustard;
  • vegetable oil;
  • soy sauce – 50 ml;
  • some seasoning “mix of peppers”;
  • salt to your taste.

Cooking time – 3 hours.

Calorie content – 210 kcal.

How to cook “Accordion”:

  1. For cooking, you should use the pork pulp, it is better that the piece was rectangular oblong;
  2. Well wash the meat, wipe with napkins;
  3. Next, using a knife, you need to make transverse incisions in increments of approximately 1-1.5 cm;
  4. No need to cut through. A piece of meat should resemble the appearance of an accordion;
  5. After that, the pork must be rubbed on all sides with salt. spices, pay special attention to each section;
  6. Next, pour soy sauce into a bowl, add vegetable oil, mustard and stir;
  7. Garlic cloves need to be cleaned of the skin, skipped through a press and put in marinade;
  8. Marinade thoroughly stirred to a uniform structure;
  9. Put the pork harmonica into the cup and pour the marinade;
  10. Leave the meat to marinate for an hour;
  11. Meanwhile, wash the tomato and cut into circles of medium thickness;
  12. Slice of cheese cut into plates;
  13. We lay a rectangular sheet of foil on the table and lay out an accordion of pork meat on it;
  14. Insert a slice of tomato and a plate of cheese into each cut;
  15. Once all the pieces are inserted, wrap the meat in foil, put it in the form;
  16. We warm the oven to 190 degrees, put the form with the meat there;
  17. We bake for about an hour;
  18. Next, we take out the form, gently unfold the foil, if desired, the meat can be laid on all sides with boiled potatoes;
  19. We place the base in the oven and leave for another 15 minutes, during which time the meat and potatoes will be browned;
  20. After that, remove from the oven, lay the meat on a plate, decorate with greens and serve on the table.

Useful tips

  • for cooking pork with tomatoes and cheese in the oven, use only the pulp with a small layer of fat;
  • in order to cook the meat faster and turn out juicy, it can be marinated in lemon juice, soy sauce and spices. Marinate need about an hour;
  • You can bake in foil, in it the pork is soaked with vegetable juices and you get a very fragrant.

It turns out that it is very easy to prepare a festive treat that can brighten up almost any solemn event. Pork after baking turns out very soft, nutritious, and tomatoes give it an extra flavor. After baking, an appetizing cheese crust is formed on the surface, which, with its rosy appearance, removes everyone to the table.