To make open “Gates” patties, you will need 8 simple ingredients. Not for nothing, Karelian women said that “Gates need an eight”. We are talking about water, rye flour, yogurt, fresh milk, sour cream, butter, salt and filling.

potato калитка

Culinary reference

Wickets are national Karelian open boat patties. The modern potato stuffing was not so popular in Karelia, because they appeared much later. Wickets were filled with boiled or pickled millet, oat flour and rice. Unsweetened pastry ate with first courses, milk and kefir. Sweet options also existed, for example, with cranberries, lingonberries and cottage cheese.

The idea of ​​an open patty with potatoes belongs not only to Karelia. Gates baked throughout the Russian North. Depending on the geographic location, the shape of the pie and the filling change. Wickets can be round, polygonal and quadrangular..

As a filling, porridge cooked in milk was used, but now such wickets are rare. In modern versions, the most often found potato filling. Although originally Karelian pies were stuffed with oat flour and cereals. They were baked from unleavened rye dough, the shape usually resembled a boat.

How to make unleavened dough

In order to achieve the perfect taste of the dough, it is very important that dairy products are fresh..

To prepare the dough, you will need:

  • 250 g of kefir, yogurt or plain milk;
  • 8 g of salt;
  • 0.6 kg rye flour.

How to do:

  1. Sift rye flour on the work surface, add salt;
  2. In a bowl, mix all the dairy products;
  3. Pour the milk mixture into the flour and knead the stiff dough;
  4. Put the dough in a bag or wrap it in a film, let it lie down for 30 minutes;
  5. Note: dairy products can be easily replaced one on another, it all depends on your imagination.

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How to cook potato pie stuffing

Required products for the filling:

  • 5 potato tubers;
  • 30 ml of fresh milk;
  • 50 g high-quality butter;
  • 1 raw egg;
  • salt to taste.


  1. Boil the potatoes in the peel;
  2. Immediately, peel the still hot potatoes, mash them in mashed potatoes;
  3. Pour milk into crushed potatoes, add butter, egg and a little salt, mix everything thoroughly..

How to form and properly bake “Gates”

To properly bake open patties with potatoes, follow our step-by-step recommendations:

Step 1. Divide the dough into equal parts, roll each into a cake. The approximate diameter of each cake is about 15 cm;


Step 2. Put the mashed potato filling in the center of the cake;

lay out начинку

Step 3. Pinch the edges so that the dough turns into open pies in the shape of a boat;

to pinch края

Step 4. Grease gates with whipped yolk, then bake in a preheated cupboard at a set temperature of 200 degrees, the cooking time is usually 20 minutes.

Step-by-step recipe of the Karelian “gates” from rye flour with potatoes
how испечь карельские «Калитки» из ржаной муки с картошкой
Ingredients amount
fresh sour cream 130 g
rye flour 0.5 kg
of milk 80g
yogurt 50 g
salt 8 g
eggs 1 PC.
butter 30 g
potato tuber 6 pieces.
Time for preparing: 80 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 160 Kcal

If you are not a big specialist in baking, then at the gates the main thing is to understand the very principle of kneading dough. Knead it only with your hands and very quickly. As soon as you learn this, you can fantasize with fillings to infinity. The process of making the gates is not very complicated..

Karelian women claim that the “gates” need eight “. This means that the dish is prepared from 8 ingredients. These are flour, water, yogurt or kefir, salt, milk, butter, sour cream and filling..

How to cook:

Step 1. Prepare the dough: Mix in a bowl of yogurt with sour cream and milk. Sift rye flour, add a little salt and constantly stirring, begin to pour milk mixture;

Step 2. Wrap the dough in a plastic wrap or bag, give it a “rest” for half an hour;

Step 3. To make the filling: peel and boil the potatoes, mash them, add the stirred egg, season with salt and let them cool down;

Step 4. Make a sausage from the dough, pinch off the pieces and make flat cakes;

Step 5. At each cake, put the stuffing in the middle (about 2 tablespoons), then just tuck the edges on all sides, gently pinch them so that the filling remains as open as possible;

Step 6. Spread the “Gates” patties with yolk, bake on a baking sheet. The oven temperature should not exceed 200 Cº, and the cooking time should not exceed 20 minutes;

Step 7. After baking, pour the patties with melted butter.

How and with what to present tasty gates to the table?

Thin dough wickets are often called crusts or scars, because rye unleavened dough dries quickly. Cooled products are sometimes even soaked in preheated milk. Therefore, it is advisable to feed the gates with potatoes to the table in the heat of the heat..

Indeed, the most delicious pies – hot, those that are straight from the oven. Put them beautifully on a wide dish, pour in butter and present to your family along with warm milk, hot tea, kefir or soup.