Beef tongue, regardless of the method of cooking is considered to be a delicacy. This product contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and iron..

Doctors usually recommend to use the language in a postoperative state for faster recovery, with anemia, children, as well as pregnant women. But, in addition to all the listed advantages, it is also a very tasty dish with proper preparation..

Easy way
how вкусно варить говяжий язык в бульоне, с овощами и на пару
Ingredients amount
tongue (beef) 1 kg
salt, bay leaf taste
Time for preparing: 240 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 146 Kcal

Cooking the tongue in the pan is very simple. It is important to bear in mind that in order for the dish to turn out not hard it will take a long cooking.

How to cook beef tongue tasty in a saucepan:

  1. First of all, the tongue should be left in cold water for 30 minutes;
  2. Then, under a stream of running water, wash it, while using a sharp knife to clean out accumulated blood, fat;
  3. Fill a large saucepan with water, place the product there and put it on fire;
  4. Bring the contents of the container to the boiling point and reduce the intensity of the fire to the minimum. Cook in this mode for 15 minutes;
  5. Remove the product from boiling water and label it in any suitable container. Rinse it again in cold water;
  6. Wash the pot for cooking thoroughly, refill it with cold water and place it on the stove. Bring the water in the tank to the boiling point and add a little salt;
  7. Lower the prepared delicacy into boiling water, wait again for the water to reach boiling point, and then reduce the flame to the minimum intensity;
  8. Cover the pan, leaving a small space free, and cook for 3 hours;
  9. Five minutes before the end of the cooking process, add the necessary amount of bay leaf on the fire;
  10. Remove the tongue from the boiling water and place in a container with cold water for 10 minutes;
  11. Remove from cold water and immediately remove the top skin.

How to clean the by-product

Clean the finished product is very simple. This task is much easier than in the case of a raw product. You need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Immediately after cooking, place it in very cold water and leave it for a few minutes;
  2. Remove from the water and begin to remove the skin;
  3. This should be done with due regard for the right direction: from the root, gradually heading towards the pointed tip;
  4. With properly welded product, the skin is removed very simply..

How to cook beef tongue with vegetables for cutting

Thanks to this recipe, it is possible to prepare beef tongue for cutting, made for a meat plate. You can also make various salads and other cold-type snacks. The dish prepared in this way turns out to be very fragrant and tasty. This will require:

  • beef tongue – 1 pc .;
  • onions of medium size – 1 pc .;
  • medium sized carrots – 1 pc .;
  • young parsley root – 1 pc .;
  • peppercorns allspice – 5 pieces;
  • bay leaf – 1 piece;
  • salt – pinch.

Cooking time – 3 hours.

Calorie – 231 kcal.

Steps of making fragrant language:

  1. Put the cleaned and prepared beef tongue into the pan and pour the required volume of water there. Place on the fire and bring to a boiling point; beef язык
  2. Reduce the heat to minimum intensity and remove the foam gathered on the surface of the water;
  3. Cook on the stove with a minimum intensity of fire for one and a half hours;
  4. Peel all the prepared vegetables, rinse well under water and cut into large pieces. Put in pan. Bring to the boiling point again; add овощи
  5. Then add to the water the right amount of salt, peas, allspice; add соль
  6. Continue cooking on the stove for at least 40 minutes;
  7. Check product readiness with a sharp knife;
  8. Turn off the stove and add bay leaf to the pan; cook 2 часа
  9. Remove the tongue from the broth and submerge cold water. Peel off the hard skin and place the product in the broth with vegetables again; to cool
  10. Leave for 30 minutes. Then get the product, and you can start preparing it for serving.. tongue готов

How to cook a tasty tongue for a child

As mentioned earlier, the dish is very useful for children. In order to cook it in a slow cooker you will need:

  • beef tongue – 1 pc .;
  • onions – 1 pc .;
  • medium sized carrots – 1 pc .;
  • salt, bay leaf, peppercorns all at the discretion of the chef.

Cooking time – 4 hours.

Calorie – 212 kcal.

Cooking in a slow cooker:

  1. Rinse the tongue thoroughly, clean the blood and put in the bowl the multicooker;
  2. Pour the required amount of water so that it is completely covered with it;
  3. Clean the carrots and onions, wash them well and in the whole condition also put in a multi-cooker bowl;
  4. There also add peppercorns, allspice, salt;
  5. Put the device on the “Steaming” mode and leave for 10 minutes;
  6. After this time, open the slow cooker, remove the foam formed on the surface of the water and close the lid again;
  7. Set the device to the mode of “quenching” and leave for 3 hours.

It is also very useful for children to cook steamed dishes. This cooking option is not so simple. To begin with, the tongue must be cut into small pieces, put into a steamer bowl, and cook for at least an hour and a half. At the same time it is necessary to constantly add water to the double boiler. Many people prefer to pre-boil the product a little in the pan, and only then proceed to cooking for a couple.

Boiled beef tongue is not only a tasty dish, but also very healthy. From it you can make a lot of different salads and other healthy snacks. Also this product is very useful for children and pregnant women..