A dish in the pots always looks beautiful and appetizing, and therefore is quite suitable even for a festive meal. Very tasty, and sometimes just elegant.

Beef in pots with sour cream in the oven
how вкусно приготовить говядину в горшочках
Ingredients amount
beef (shoulder blade, neck) 650 grams
small potatoes 0.5 kg
bulbs 2 medium
meat broth or water ¼ piece of glass
sour cream 250 g sour cream
laurel 1 sheet
dry wine 100 g
butter 60 g
dill 2 branches
pepper and salt taste
white flour 50 g
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 330 Kcal

If the beef is mixed with diced potatoes, seasoned with sour cream, you get a very tasty and satisfying dish..

Consider a detailed recipe for cooking beef in pots with sour cream in the oven. So, you first need to cut the beef pulp into large pieces. Pour salt, flour in a cup, pepper and mix well. Roll the meat in this mixture. They should be evenly coated with flour, and the excess should be shaken off..

Peeled potato tubers cut into large cubes and lightly browned in oil. Also fry some onion, chopped rings. Heat the oil over a high heat in a bowl with a thick bottom. In it, fry the beef for about 6 minutes, without interfering, until the meat pieces on one side are browned. Then mix, cook for another 3 minutes..

Take a ceramic pot, put the cooked ingredients into it in layers: meat, then roasted potato cubes, onion rings on top, season with spices. Pour hot broth or water.

Preheat oven to 160 degrees, put in it for 30 minutes a pot of beef. 10 minutes before the end of quenching add dry wine to the dish, according to the recipe. 2 minutes before the end of cooking, pour beef with sour cream, sprinkle with chopped dill.

Beef Stew with Potatoes

This is probably the easiest of all known methods of cooking beef in a pot. To get tasty, it is not necessary to buy expensive products..

It will take:

  • meat в горшочках0.4 kg of beef pulp;
  • 7 medium-sized potatoes;
  • 1 medium carrot;
  • 2 medium onions;
  • Tomato sauce and sour cream 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • water – 1 liter;
  • 35 g of vegetable and cream oil;
  • to taste – bay leaf, spices.

Preparation will take 1, 5 hours, the caloric content of the finished dish is about 350 kcal.

How to cook beef stew with potatoes in a pot:

  1. Wash the meat with cold water, then dry thoroughly with paper towels. Grind the meat in any way, but better in large cubes. Fry on all sides in hot oil until the pieces are browned. Season the meat with salt at the end of frying..
  2. Peel potatoes, and grind like meat. Lightly browned in oil, salt. On a coarse grater, chop the carrots, chop the onion into small pieces. In oil, first fry the onion, then add the carrot to it, simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. We put the ingredients in prepared pots. Put meat on the bottom, potatoes on it, on top there will be a layer of carrots and onions.
  4. Put in a 1.5 liter saucepan tomato sauce, sour cream, season with spices, pour warm water, mix thoroughly. The sauce is ready. It remains to evenly distribute it in pots, add to each one bay leaf.
  5. In the cold oven put all the pots. Set the temperature mode, not higher than 180 degrees. Simmer the beef with potatoes for about 45 minutes. In the finished roast add sour cream, chopped greens. Turn off the stove and leave the dish in it. Let sour cream well soak all the ingredients.

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Roast beef and mushrooms cooked in a pot

You can cook beef with mushrooms easily by stewing it in a pot. It turns out a rich roast, which everyone will love..

Ingredients required for 2 servings:

  • 250 grams of beef pulp;
  • 8 small potatoes;
  • 200 grams of fresh or frozen mushrooms (variety optional);
  • 1 large bulb onion;
  • 40 grams of tomato paste (or stewed tomato pulp);
  • season with spices to taste.

To prepare the dish will take time – 1 hour, the caloric content is only 300 kcal.

Consider step by step recipe for cooking beef in a pot with potatoes and mushrooms in the oven.

Step 1

With the pulp remove the film, then rinse the piece with water. Put it on a paper towel, let it dry out. Grind the prepared meat into pieces.

meat порезать

Take the dishes with a thick bottom, pour oil into it, heat it on high heat and fry the pieces of beef from all sides.


Step 2

Chop the onion, mushrooms cut into plastics or cubes. Fry the chopped onion in butter, then the mushrooms and cook for another 5-6 minutes.

slice грибы

Combine meat, onion, mushrooms, add tomato base (pasta or tomatoes), mix, remove from heat. Potatoes cut into large cubes or cubes.

fry мясо с картошкой

Step 3

Take a fireproof clay pot to put on the bottom of the beef with mushrooms, potatoes on top, the last layer again, the meat with mushrooms, pour hot water.

lay down в горшок

Beef should be stewed for 50 minutes in a preheated oven.


Beef with vegetables and rice in pots

The recipe of this dish can be varied to your taste by adding different vegetables.


  • 0.7 kg beef tenderloin;
  • 4 bags of rice;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • 200 grams of beans in the pod;
  • 2 red round onions;
  • 40 g pasta from tomatoes;
  • 30 grams of refined oil;
  • season with spices – just to taste.

You can cook for 1 hour, calorie per serving 399 kcal.

How to cook beef with rice and vegetables in a pot in the oven:

  1. Beef pulp cut into pieces of any shape, as long as they are small. Tomato, onion chop into cubes. String beans divided into 4 parts.
  2. Take a frying pan, preferably with a thickened bottom. Pour oil into it, heat it on high heat. Send pieces of beef for roasting to the pan. While the meat is preparing to sort and wash with warm water, rice.
  3. In the fried meat put tomatoes, chopped onions, simmer for 5 minutes. Add rice, chopped bean pods, tomato paste, season with spices, mix well. The rice should be soaked with oil, so keep the dish on the stove for another 3 minutes.
  4. Spread the beef with vegetables and rice in prepared clay pots. The dish is cooked for 40 minutes in a preheated oven at 220 degrees.

Culinary Recommendations

  1. Spices will better soak the meat pieces, if you add them during roasting;
  2. So that the fried onion has a beautiful color, after cutting it should be rolled in flour;
  3. The fact that the oil in the pan is very hot can be determined by throwing a pinch of salt on it. From well heated oil, salt bounces off with a bang;
  4. If there are no fresh mushrooms, dry ones will do. So that they are not inferior in taste to fresh mushrooms, they should be soaked in salted milk;
  5. You can use ketchup instead of tomato paste..

At the heart of all the proposed recipes is beef. It goes well with cereals, vegetables and mushrooms, in each dish the meat is very juicy.