How long does it take to boil eggs in a bag

Egg dishes are traditionally cooked to have breakfast. The reason for this is the caloric content of this ingredient, a high content of vitamins and speed of production..

the eggs всмятку

To improve the taste of the chicken product, some farmers feed millet smoked chicken with spices..

Today we will look at a meal for your hearty breakfast, like a boiled egg in a pouch. You will also learn about the tricks of cooking the famous poached egg. Our article will teach you to properly handle this chicken “miracle”.

Ways of boiling eggs in the bag

There are two ways to cook this ingredient in the bag. We will tell you about them now..

Method number 1 – Laying in a cold liquid


    Soft-boiled egg in an eggcup, with toast "soldiers".
  • Chicken eggs;
  • Water;
  • Salt.

Working process:

  1. Wash the egg product thoroughly;
  2. Put them in a bowl of cool liquid;
  3. Place the dishes on the gas burner for 4-5 minutes (in accordance with the dimensions of the ingredient), after the liquid begins to boil.

The liquid during cooking should cover the egg product slightly. Serve with fresh toast.

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Method number 2 – Laying in a bubbling liquid


  • Chicken eggs;
  • Water;
  • Salt.

Working process:

  1. Gently place the eggs in a bubbling brackish liquid;
  2. After waiting for the boiling liquid, cook for 3-4 minutes.

Cool the food immediately. Serve with mayonnaise sauce with herbs and garlic.

How long does it take to boil eggs in a bag after boiling

Mostly kids are lovers of this dish. Any teenager will cope with the preparation of this dish..

The initial preparation and, of course, the process of cooking this dish itself is carried out according to the previously described methods. And how much to cook it immediately after the beginning of the boil, it is a very difficult question. Many digest eggs and do not achieve “bag”.

Delicious and high-quality “bag” is prepared strictly for 5 minutes, after the liquid begins to boil. That’s the whole secret of the perfect “bag”.

Cooking Poached Eggs

Sewing a chicken egg is a method that requires years of cooking dexterity. However, to learn sewing does not hurt. Agility comes with age, but there are some tricks that make this process quite easy..

It is necessary:

  • Two fresh, icy eggs;
  • 1000 ml of water;
  • 15 ml of acetic acid.

The course of action:

  1. Bring water to a boil;
  2. Reduce gas;
  3. boil воду

  4. In acetic acid, add a little boiling liquid;
  5. pour in уксус

  6. In advance frostbitten egg break into a bowl and pour into the liquid separately;
  7. pour in яйцо

  8. Forget about them for 3 minutes, reducing the gas to a minimum, not allowing the liquid to boil;
  9. After a given period of time, get them;
  10. get it

  11. Send the eggs in icy brackish water and pour it afterwards..

the eggs достаньте

This dish can be prepared not exclusively in liquid. For these purposes, a fat of meat or fish serves perfectly. They will present a similar dish with soups, sprinkled with greens and garlic. Also serve them fresh toast and Hollandez sauce..

is ready

Have a good breakfast!

Useful tips

Even this banal dish has its cooking tricks. Let’s consider them:

  • When a cooked egg is difficult to clean, it means that you have prepared a fresh product. To eliminate this inconvenience, add more salt to the liquid. At the end of cooking, place the eggs in ice-cold liquid for 5 minutes. Follow the cleaning process;
  • In order to boil eggs rhythmically, it is necessary to slightly roll them raw on the tabletop, and also gently shake the little ones;
  • In order to avoid injury to this ingredient during cooking, use a steam cooker for this purpose;
  • From the color of this product does not depend on its taste;
  • Use a small metal container for cooking;
  • When your time frame is very tight and you can’t bring in with a long cooling, then cool the egg into a bag under running ice water.

Here, in fact, all the tricks of this ingenious dish!

Pamper your family with a similar breakfast more often. And we hope that this article has helped to dispel your many fears of preparing the perfect “bag”.

Enjoy your meal!