Whoever tried cider once, cannot remain indifferent to this light, pleasant, with a little sour drink. And if you are lucky enough to try home cider, then no one will buy it anymore. After all, this drink made by yourself from homemade apples will forever remain an alcoholic favorite..

Homemade wine is good because its strength and sweetness can be adjusted to your own taste. It is rather simple to prepare it, the main thing is to choose a suitable recipe and strictly follow it..

Manufacturing nuances

Like any other alcoholic beverage, apple cider has its own manufacturing nuances. Of course, apple wine is easy to prepare, but you should prepare in advance for this process and know its main stages and features..

To make homemade wine from apples, you will need (except for raw materials):

  • juice extractor or meat grinder (for the simplest version of the grater);
  • two containers where the wine will ripen and ferment;
  • air outlet tube.

The process of making wine consists of several main stages:

  1. Preparation of raw materials;
  2. Processing of raw materials using a juicer or grinder;
  3. Infusion of the obtained juice for several days in a separate vessel without a lid;
  4. Cleaning husks from the juice;
  5. Adding sugar;
  6. Fermentation of wine in closed containers and the removal of excess oxygen (up to 45 days);
  7. Wine ripening (2-4 months).

Mechanical work in this process is not very much, more time is spent on the maturation and fermentation of wine. But the result will please with its mild taste with a pleasant sourness. This natural wine does not contain harmful preservatives and impurities..

Selection and preparation of raw materials

The taste of wine is always (!) Depends on the raw materials, so you should pay special attention to the selection of apples and their preparation. Fruits are divided according to the degree of maturity, ripening, sugar content and acidity. Each variety of apples is suitable for the preparation of a particular type of wine, so it is worth remembering that:

  • table wines are made from sour varieties;
  • dessert wines – from sweet non-sour varieties, high sugar content;
  • dry wines – from carrion (unripe fallen varieties).

Apples that ripen in autumn and in the first month of winter will be ideal for wine, as they are stored for a long time, unlike summer ones. A bouquet can be made from apples of different varieties to achieve a special taste, for example, take three parts of sweet apples 2 parts sour or vice versa, depending on personal preferences. All these nuances should be taken into account in the early stages of the selection of raw materials, which must pass through the following stages of preparation:

  1. Select apples: not wormy, no rot and damage;
  2. Do not wash them! It is enough to wipe with a napkin or remove dirt with a brush;
  3. Remove damaged areas and the core with a knife;
  4. Grind apples with a meat grinder or juicer, depending on their availability and recipe. If these devices are not, then you can simply grate the grated apples;
  5. Put the resulting porridge in the bottle and start cooking wine.

The process of preparing raw materials is not complicated. It is only important to select the right apples for the variety and acid in order to get the perfect apple wine..

Classic recipe
how можно сделать вино из яблок в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
apples 10 kg
distilled water 2 l
granulated sugar 1.6 kg
Time for preparing: 20160 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 130 Kcal

The most popular and standard homemade apple wine does not contain anything other than raw materials and sugar. The result is attributed to table wines (their strength is 10–12 degrees). This wine can be stored for up to 12 months (provided that it is made from apples of a sweet and sour autumn variety).

  1. Prepare raw materials: select and sort out apples, remove damaged areas and the core. Grind them through a meat grinder or juicer;
  2. The resulting puree is poured into a container and cover it with gauze or a thin cloth that lets air through;
  3. Infuse for 3 days, stirring the contents every 8–12 hours;
  4. After three days it is necessary to remove the husk (peel);
  5. Pour in water and add half the sugar;
  6. Pour all liquid into a separate fermentation tank;
  7. The container should be with a water seal or its neck should be covered with a glove;
  8. After 4 days, it is necessary to open the water lock and drain 200 ml of wort using a tube;
  9. Add 400 grams of sugar in the wort and add the wort back to the wine;
  10. Close the shutter and insist another 4 days;
  11. Repeat procedure with wort;
  12. Leave the wine to ferment at a temperature of 20-22 degrees (not lower than 18 and not higher than 24 degrees);
  13. As soon as the wine stops fermenting (after 40 days), the shutter will stop gurgling (the glove will deflate);
  14. Pour the wine into a new container, close tightly and infuse;
  15. Every couple of weeks should separate the wine from the sediment;
  16. As soon as the drink becomes transparent – bottled and sent to a cool place for storage.

Homemade Apple Cider: A Simple Recipe

Cider differs from wine in a smaller strength, but its sweetness can always be controlled by adding more or less sugar. This drink is suitable for dinners in cold winters or friendly gatherings..


  • apples – at least 7 kg;
  • granulated sugar – at the rate of 200 g per 1 kg of raw materials.

Spent time: 7 days + 70 days of fermentation.

Calories: 105.

  1. Remove dirt from apples and cut them into pieces by removing the seed boxes; slice
  2. Grind to a puree state with a meat grinder or blender;
  3. Rinse fermentation cans with boiling water and fill with mashed potatoes (1/3 of the empty space must be left); add в банку
  4. Add sugar; add сахар
  5. Throat cans wrapped in several layers of gauze;
  6. Send wander (4 days) mashed potatoes in a warm place. Understand that the fermentation began, you can on the foam appeared and the smell of yeast; to roam
  7. Pass the mass through the gauze;
  8. Pour juice into other containers;
  9. To fasten a medical glove on each container, with a hole in one finger; glove
  10. Leave the cider to wander in a dark place for 50-70 days;
  11. At the expiration of time and the end of fermentation (gloves will fall off) – strain the cider and pour into bottles;
  12. Hermetically closed;
  13. Send for three months in a cool room at a temperature of 12 degrees;
  14. You can keep such cider up to 2 years. cider

Making homemade wine from apple jam

In order not to give the abyss apple jam, which no one ate during the winter, you can do the preparation of wine from it. This recipe does not imply the use of sugar, so the wine is sour.


  • purified water – 5 l;
  • raisins – 100 g;
  • apple jam – 3 l.

Required time: 2 hours +1.5 months of fermentation.

Calorie: 230 calories.

  1. Remove the jam from the cans and place in a large saucepan;
  2. Add water and boil for 10 minutes. To preserve the jam, it is necessary to stir it constantly;
  3. Remove the jam from the heat and condemn;
  4. Wash the wine bottles;
  5. Place the jam in the bottle so that 1/5 of the containers remain free;
  6. Spread the raisins evenly over the bottles;
  7. Close the container neck with gloves or gauze;
  8. Leave the cans for 1.5 months in a warm place;
  9. Gloves at the end of fermentation will fall off, and the drink will become transparent;
  10. Bottle wine.

How to make a fortified homemade wine from apples

the juice

Preparing wine for this recipe, you can get a strong drink at 14-15 degrees.


  • apples (sour-sweet) – 6 kg;
  • vodka – ¾ st .;
  • raisins – 200 gr;
  • sugar – 2 kg 200 gr.

Time spent: 2 hours + 3 weeks of fermentation.

Caloric content: 220 kcal.

  1. Prepared apples chop into puree;
  2. Raise the raisins with boiling water, cut into small pieces;
  3. Sugar (2 kg), puree and raisins mix;
  4. Place mashed potatoes in a bottle with a narrow neck and close the bottle with a rubber glove;
  5. In one finger glove pierce a hole. Instead of a glove, you can also use a water seal;
  6. Leave a wine ferment for 3 weeks;
  7. After 3 weeks, strain the wort;
  8. Pour into the wort the remaining sugar and leave to infuse in a separate closed bottle;
  9. After 10 days, add vodka to the wort, shake well and pour into bottles;
  10. Leave the wine to ripen for a couple of months.

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Dessert wine recipe at home

Soft dessert wine (15 degrees) is very fond of women, and when it is prepared with caring hands of her husband, it seems twice as tasty. After a year of storage, the wine will be similar in taste to port wine..


  • sweet apples – 11 kg;
  • pears – 1 kg 200 gr;
  • raisins – 200 gr;
  • sugar – 1 kg.

Required time: 8 days + fermentation time.

Calories: 240.

  1. Apples and pears skip through a juicer;
  2. Raisin pour boiling water and let it steam;
  3. Raisins cut in half and add to juice;
  4. Put the mashed potatoes in a container with a wide neck and tie them with gauze;
  5. Stir puree 4 times a day;
  6. After 4 days, strain the mass and pour it into the bottle together with 500 g of sugar;
  7. place a water seal or glove on the neck of the bottle;
  8. Leave for 4 days;
  9. Add another 300 g of sugar, after mixing it with the cast wort (this can be done with the help of a straw);
  10. Leave for another 3 days;
  11. Throw the remaining sugar and wait for the end of fermentation;
  12. Carefully drain the wines so that the sediment remains in the bottle;
  13. Strain the drink;
  14. Pour it into a clean bottle and close it tightly;
  15. Wait until the wine becomes light, and then drain it again (leaving sediment) in long-term storage bottles..

The recipe for making dry apple wine

This wine contains a small amount of sugar, so it has a sour but spicy taste..


  • apples – 5 kg;
  • sugar –100-150 g per 1 l;
  • water – 2.5 l.

Preparation time: 2 hours + month of fermentation.

Calories: 150.

  1. Prepare the apples and grind them to a state of mashed potatoes with any suitable tool;
  2. Fermentation tanks fill the resulting mass at ⅔;
  3. Evenly distribute sugar in containers;
  4. The container neck should be wrapped with gauze;
  5. The mass must ferment for at least four days;
  6. After strain the mass;
  7. Juice pour into new clean containers;
  8. Leave to wander, covered with gloves neck;
  9. Strain and bottle;
  10. Store bottled in a cool place..

Practical advice for novice winemakers

To make homemade wine aromatic and tasty, you should know that:

  1. You should not wash the apples before starting to make wine, because wild yeast accumulates on their skin. But thanks to this yeast, and the fermentation process;
  2. For home cooking wine are suitable for all varieties of apples (it does not matter the color or time of ripening). It is only important to use ripe juicy fruits;
  3. Mixing different varieties, you can get interesting blends. The combination of sour and sweet apples tastes especially good;
  4. Water can be added only if unripe and sour apples are used. Then apple wine is diluted in a ratio of 100 ml per 1 liter.

Having decided what kind of wine you want to get, you should choose a sort of apples and start preparing a drink, following the recipe and taking into account good advice.