Easter cake – a traditional Christian pastry for Easter. In order for your cakes to look like from a picture, you need to know some nuances: before baking and after it you need to lubricate them! Various options for lubrication will be covered in this article..

Easter cake

How to anoint Easter cake before baking

If you bake a cake before baking, it will be rosy and perfectly baked. But this should be done only when the dough is already well raised. The finished dough is decomposed into a plentifully missed form and goes up in two times. Immediately before baking, Easter cakes are coated. This can be done in various ways, we will look at some of them..

What to anoint a Easter cake on top of Easter before baking:

  1. The first option: grease butter. First, the oil is melted in a water bath or in a microwave oven. Now we take a brush and cover the surface of the cake. We send from the oven;
  2. The second method: whipped eggs. Take one egg, add a tablespoon of water to it and beat with a fork until a small foam is formed. Further, just as in the first variant, we grease and set to bake;
  3. The third way: milk. 15 minutes before the cakes are ready, they are removed from the oven and lubricated with milk. If you want to get a very ruddy crust, then you need to sweeten the milk with sugar;
  4. Fourth way: sweet tea. If you lubricate the cake with strong tea and sugar a few minutes before it is ready, then the crust will acquire a matte blush;
  5. And the last way: glazing from sour cream. Sour icing is a pretty fancy crust to any baking. For this, Art. spoon melted butter, two tablespoons. spoons of sour cream and two tbsp. spoons of flour, stirred to a uniform consistency and applied to the cake before you put it to bake.

What to anoint after baking


Before the coating starts, the finished cakes should be allowed to cool completely. Warm pastries are removed from the mold and spread on its side. What on top to anoint ready Easter cake? You can decorate Easter cakes with nothing, but simply smear them with water diluted with sugar, then the natural color of the crust will become brighter and it will be a little softer. If you want to give a more festive look to baking, then pay attention to the following options:

  1. Protein glaze. Glaze from egg white looks really elegant. To cook it, separate the egg white from the yolk, add 200 grams of fine sugar or powdered sugar and 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon juice, beat all the ingredients until fluffy foam;
  2. Chocolate glaze. For the recipe of its preparation will need: 100 g of powdered sugar, two tablespoons. spoons of cocoa powder, 60 ml of water and 50 g of butter. In a small saucepan, stir the icing sugar, cocoa powder and add water, put on the fire and put the butter. The mass is boiled down to a slight thickening. After cooling, the icing will be thicker. To add flavor, try adding liqueur or vanilla..

There is another very easy way to make such a frosting. Take a bar of chocolate, break it into pieces and melt in a saucepan. But, in order to prevent such a glaze from cracking, there is one secret: you need to add 30 ml of the fattest cream to it. And chocolate can be taken absolutely any, both bitter, and dairy, or white;

  1. Sugar Fudge. 100 g of powdered sugar and three or four Art. spoons of water or lemon juice are mixed so that the finished fudge slowly flows from the spoon, and does not collapse or quickly run down. You need to know that it is quite transparent in color, therefore it is usually applied in several layers on the finished cake, or dye is added. When applying the next layer, be sure to wait for the previous one to dry! Optionally, you can also use flavoring.

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How can be originally decorated baking


If just icing and fudge seem insufficient in the decoration, then try to use edible decor. This could be sugar balls, hearts, confetti, figurines, beautiful flowers or wafer paper decorations..

The usual tinted granulated sugar will look unusual if it is sprinkled on a protein glaze. Various sweets are suitable for decoration: chocolate dragees, macaroons, small marshmallows, meringues, meringues, unusual candy.

Many people like to sprinkle cakes with nuts: almonds, peanuts or cashews are perfect for this. It all depends on your preferences..

Secrets of a successful glaze

In order not to suffer a fiasco, when preparing the icing for the first time, pay attention to helpful cooking tips:

  • if you like protein glaze, but you are afraid of raw proteins, make an Italian meringue: brew a whipped mass with boiling sugar syrup;
  • always put icing on the cooled cakes, it will help to avoid runoff, coagulation and ensure the correct texture;
  • apply icing immediately after cooking! After all, it quickly freezes when cooled and can spoil the appearance of baking with an uneven and uneven appearance;
  • more recipes are based on powdered sugar; we recommend to sift it before use. And also knead the mass to complete homogeneity, if you do not want to see lumps on the cake;
  • white glaze is a classic Easter cake, but for a change you can tint it, for example, the juice of natural berries will give a pink tint, spinach – green, and carrots – a delicate orange;
  • Now a little about the method of application: a banal spoon can be replaced by a pastry brush or a pastry syringe, everything depends on the consistency of the glaze. If there is a lot of it, then try dipping the cake directly into the container with the prepared icing;
  • when confectionary dressing, nuts or edible decor are used for additional decoration, this should be done immediately after applying a layer of glaze, otherwise the frozen crust will not hold the decoration elements.

The process of cooking Easter cakes is itself a definite ritual, so it is always better to cook them yourself. It is very important not only to bake a delicious cake, but also to decorate it effectively. We hope that this article will help you with this..