The original appearance of the cake will lighten the mood of the guests and turn an ordinary dessert into a small New Year miracle. Homemade cake will allow the hostess to demonstrate their culinary skills and ability to beautifully arrange the dish.

Various figures, products made of chocolate and mastic, cakes of an unusual shape – any pastry can become a masterpiece.

New Year торт со снежинками

Features and rules for decorating cakes for the New Year

Preparing a dessert for the new year is different from the usual cooking – on this day, in addition to sweets, you still need to cook a large number of salads, appetizers and hot dishes. The lack of experience also affects – after all, cakes with a New Year’s theme have to be prepared only once a year..

Features cake decorating:

  • No need to make decorations on the cake too greasy – on the holiday table and without it there is enough food heavy for the stomach;
  • It is necessary to practice in the creation of jewelry. December 31 will be enough care, and it will be hard to learn something new in the pre-holiday turmoil.

Cake Decorating Rules:

cake лесной

  • Do not abuse artificial colors, especially if among the guests are small children. Beautiful color of the product can be given using the juice of berries;
  • When decorating a cake, do not overdo it with its design – the product must be stable, and the decorations keep it securely;
  • Do not aim to make an exact copy of the cake from the image – often the most beautiful decorations are created on their own, when in the process of manufacturing it covers inspiration.

In case of unsuccessful design attempts, there is no need to panic – you can always correct or hide the error by adding new decorations to the pastry.

How to decorate a cake for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster

There are plenty of ways to decorate a finished cake, but we must not forget that the year of the rooster is coming, and he has his own preferences. Rooster’s favorite treat is seeds, nuts and popcorn. If all this is not planned in the decoration of the cake, then the cake itself can be cereal or nutty.

Cake Decorating Options:

  • Marzipan figurines.

This year, the actual figure of a rooster on the finished product. A bird can be easily molded due to the simple shape of its body..

To make a rooster, you will need marzipan – plastic almond paste (preferably several colors) and skills in handling clay. Ready-made marzipan can be bought at the store by choosing the right colors for your cock..

decoration тортов петушком

First we form a body in the shape of a droplet, then we make a head out of a ball. We create wings and tail from marzipan cakes, cut feathers with a knife. From red marzipan we add a scallop, beak and beard to the head. Black dye draws eyes.

A chicken and a few chicks can be added to the rooster..

  • Chocolate decorations.

Chocolate for decoration is melted and poured into a pastry bag. This chocolate can be drawn openwork snowflakes, Christmas trees, snow drifts. Figures can be put into the cake vertically – this decoration will be very elegant.

When cutting the cake, the figures will be damaged, so decorating the cake is better in cut form. Or group the decorations so that they do not fall under the cut line. White chocolate will allow you to create a real “snow”, and from the dark you will get beautiful spruce.

cake с елочкой

  • Sugar Elements.

This method is suitable for beginners who are not sure that they will be able to make jewelry on their own. In the pastry shops a large selection of ready-made sweet figures: these are shiny beads, snowflakes, stars, leaves. From this set you can put a picture or arrange the edges of the cake.

sugar украшение тортов

  • Fruit decoration.

A fruit ornament will be more useful than a sweet design. You can build a Christmas tree from the green flesh of kiwi fruit and add berries to it toys. Or cut out different shapes from fruits and lay out the surface of the cake. Also bright berries perfectly decorate New Year’s dessert.

fruit украшение

  • Icing sugar.

Cut out the paper stencils of images, you can put them on the cake and thickly sprinkle the rest of the surface with powdered sugar. With it, you can draw whole pictures on the pastry..

Some variants of jewelry can be combined with each other, others look better without unnecessary elements. Before starting product design, you need to decide on the design and stick to it..

sugar пудра

Ways to decorate the New Year’s cake with mastic and recipes for its preparation

Mastic is a sweet and very plastic material with which you can beautifully coat a cake. Various figures are made of mastic. Dyes will paint the mastic and add brightness to the finished product.

You can buy ready-made mass, but the most delicious sugar paste is obtained at home making.

Marshmallow mastic

Marshmallow mastic is quickly prepared and convenient to use: it is evenly colored, easy to roll out and takes any shape..

To prepare the mastic will need:

  • Marshmallow (marshmallow) – 100 g;
  • Icing sugar – 1 cup;
  • Water – 3 tbsp. l;
  • Butter – 1 tbsp. l.

Slice the marshmallow into small pieces, cover with water and place in a water bath. When the marshmallow begins to dissolve, you need to add oil to the pan. After the marshmallow becomes homogeneous, it’s time to remove it from the stove..

melt маршмелоу

Now you need to add powdered sugar and mix mass without stopping..

add пудру

If the spoon gets stuck, stir the mass with your hands..

stir up тесто

Mastic should feel like elastic dough; it will be ready when it stops sticking to hands..

to make фигурки

Gelatin based mastic

From this mastic it is very convenient to sculpt figures and decorations..

For cooking you will need:

  • Gelatin – 10 g .;
  • Water – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp;
  • Icing sugar – 500 g.

Gelatin is soaked in water for 20 minutes, and then warmed over low heat until completely dissolved. The mass must be stirred and not allowed to boil.

Pour half the icing sugar on the table and form a slide with a hollow out of it. Pour lemon juice with gelatin into it and knead the mastic, gradually adding the remaining powder. You need to stir until homogeneity, then wrap the mass with cling film and briefly put it in the refrigerator..

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Read how to make a delicious mascarpone cream..

Luxury pancake cake from condensed milk and sour cream according to our recipe.

Milk mastic

This is a universal mastic – from it it is convenient to create both decorations and a coating for a cake..

To prepare the mastic will need:

  • Dry milk – 180 g;
  • Condensed milk – 1 bank;
  • Caster sugar – 180 g;
  • Lemon juice – 1 tbsp. l.

Sugar powder is combined with powdered milk, lemon juice is added and everything is mixed. Now gradually add condensed milk and stir the mass to a dense state. If the mastic crumbles, add a little more lemon juice..

Ways to decorate New Year’s cake with mastic

  • Weaving cakes.

With the help of mastic creates a smooth coating of the top of the product and its sides. To cover with mastic, the surface of the cake needs to be leveled – there should be no bumps or pits.

Preparing mastic for coating, it should be rolled out to a thickness of 5 mm. Cover the product with mastic should be carefully, leveling all the folds and cutting off the excess with a knife. If the mastic is not very beautifully applied, you can hide the flaws by decorating it – figurines, icing or inscriptions with cream will do.

close-fitting тортов

  • Sculpted compositions.

Figures of varying complexity are made from mastic. For their production, you can buy ready-made stamps – mastic is applied in them, and after the figure is squeezed out of the mold. The figures are molded manually too – the mastic resembles plasticine in consistency, so even children can cope with modeling.

Rules for working with mastic:

figurines из мастики

  • To mastic is not sticky to the table, it must be sprinkled with starch;
  • It is necessary to store the mastic in a hermetically sealed container, so that neither air nor water would disturb the consistency of the mass;
  • Already finished mastic products can be smeared with a solution of vodka and honey (1: 1). The smell of vodka from the product will disappear, and the figures and glazes will acquire a mirror shine;
  • To obtain a bright color from mastic, during the preparation of the mixture, you can add coloring juice: beetroot, blueberry, cherry;
  • When adding dyes to the mastic, the mass must be thoroughly mixed to obtain a uniform color..

Ideas for decorating the New Year’s cake

In the new year magic surrounds us everywhere. You can even create it yourself using an unusual cake..

Original ideas for decorating the cake in 2017:

  • Glowing house.

Making and icing biscuit house will take a lot of time, but the effect of such a cake will be considerable. The LED is placed inside the house, and the cake is served in a room with dimmed lighting. Thanks to the light in the windows, the house immediately comes to life, and the cake itself is remembered for a long time.

cake светящийся домик

  • Body shape.

With the help of a large amount of mastic, a regular biscuit can be decorated as a symbol of the new year 2017 or a large Christmas-tree toy..

cake игрушки

  • Waffle treat for children.

If a separate holiday cake is prepared for children, then it can be simply and deliciously decorated with waffle sticks. Children will enjoy the beautiful view of crispy treats..

cake с вафлями

By serving dessert, instead of ordinary candles you can buy Bengal lights – then the impressions of the unusual appearance of the product will be even stronger..


When decorating the cake should pay attention to the following points:

  • You need to think in advance about the design of the cake and the products necessary for its manufacture
  • In the absence of experience decorating confectionery, you should practice and master all the nuances of the new year;
  • All products should be fresh, if possible, use more natural ingredients – fruits, berries, nuts;
  • When decorating a cake, make sure you stop at the time – a large jumble of various decorations may look sloppy.

Unusual and beautifully decorated cake will be the best gift for the whole family..