How and how much to cook the dumplings

Recipes приготовления варениковVareniki is a delicious dish of Ukrainian cuisine, which, unfortunately, is by no means invested in the format of healthy food..

If tasty and healthy is not on the same shelf with nutritionists, then this does not mean that we can not increase the usefulness and reduce the calorie content of this dish due to small culinary tricks.

What will delight our taste buds and can be considered a diet food, often just needs some amendments to the usual cooking technology. Dumplings with potatoes, cabbage, cottage cheese and even with some sweet stuffing may well become healthy and healthy food..

The taste of homemade dumplings is well known to every family, even taking into account the fact that everyone has their own opinion about how and how many minutes to cook the dumplings. This explains its popularity among fans of traditional European cuisine, and among fans of exotic fillings..

Dough for dumplings takes an important but not leading role in the recipe of this dish..

Much more important is the choice of filling and cooking technology itself. A culinary fantasy and a few simple secrets will help you improve your daily dumpling recipe or create a new one easily..

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Features and subtleties of cooking dough

Dough на вареникиCooking, of course, begins with the test. The choice of recipe for it depends on the pre-selection of the filling..

If you want to make dumplings from one batch with potatoes, and with cottage cheese, and maybe even with sweet strawberries, then the choice of dough should be universal – lean dough.

If preference is given to potatoes, fish stuffing, cabbage with meat, that is, salty kinds of filling, then the best option for dough is dough in a custard way. Sweet fillings are equally tasty combined with lean dough, and sweetened with cold kneading..

Lean dough

The main feature of the lean test is that there are no eggs in the recipe at all. It does not make the dough tough or less tasty, but it allows you to freeze and store dumplings for a long time..

For it you need to take 0.5 kilograms of flour with the expectation of one cup of water, add three tablespoons of vegetable oil and a quarter of a tablespoon of salt. Knead the dough to the average “steepness” and you can immediately begin to make dumplings.

Secret: In order for the dough to be more elastic, it did not freeze when frozen and did not crumble when cooking, you should add olive oil to the water. A glass of water, with an extra spoon of olive oil used in kneading dough.

This method will not only affect the viscosity and elasticity of the dough, but also save you from such problems as heartburn..

Dough for dumplings “custard” way

The most high-calorie dough is obtained by brewing flour with very hot liquid or even broth. But such a dough is always very advantageously combined with a vegetable or meat filling. One third of the total flour volume (1 cup) is brewed with boiling water or hot broth (0.5 cups) and mixed vigorously.

Then the remaining flour (2 cups) is added, two eggs are driven in, salt and the remaining 0.5 cups of warm liquid is slowly poured. The dough intervenes until it becomes homogenous until it stops sticking to the hands. The method of preparation of such dough provides for its cooling: 30-40 minutes in a cool place are enough..

Secret: To prevent the dough from winding up, you need to wrap it with cling film and put it in the fridge. For greater elasticity, every ten minutes, the dough must be crushed without unfolding the film, and after half an hour, remove it from the refrigerator, add another quarter cup of flour and knead again.

In terms of taste, the dough can become original and useful if you use non-fat vegetable broth with seasonings and small herbs or fish salty broth in its preparation..

Cold knead dough

It is preferable to use such dough for a sweet filling, therefore salt in the recipe is absent in general. Ingredients: 0.5 kg of flour, two eggs, two tablespoons of sour cream, a quarter of a teaspoon of soda and a glass of cold boiled water with one tablespoon of sugar.

The dough is kneaded and left to “rest” for 15-20 minutes on the table.

Secret: To give the dough airiness and lightness, instead of sour cream and sweet water, you can use one and a half cups of non-fatty, and better even bio kefir.

And to avoid the spread of this non-salty product, you should definitely lightly salt some water before throwing dumplings into it..

Use for cooking multicooker and steamer

Most простой способ варки варениковMultivarka for cooking vareniki fits perfectly.

First, it’s a significant time saver..

Secondly, does not require the constant presence of the hostess at the stove for mixing and control.

Thirdly, it is much more useful for the body to prepare the dough and toppings..

The taste of steamed dumplings differs from the traditional way, which makes them more interesting for the sample and pleasantly surprises many..

There are no special rules for cooking dumplings in a slow cooker.

The favorite recipe with any filling does not need to be changed or adapted for it. You just need to fill the multicooker container with water, oil the product compartment and put the dumplings in one layer.

When using the second tier (grill grate), it is not necessary to oil it, but dumplings are not laid out too tightly to each other. Boil should be on the “cooking for a couple” about 15-20 minutes depending on the workload of the total volume of the multicooker.

Dumplings will never get dry, if two minutes before the end of cooking, put a teaspoon of butter on the top layer: it will spread and cover them with a thin soft crust.

Such dumplings do not even need a subsequent dressing with butter or sauce. This cooking method will save you from excess fat in food and salt, which is inevitably required when cooking in water..

If the slow cooker does not suit you, then you can read about how to cook the dumplings in the microwave. But not with us. We consider this option not practical and we will not describe it..

Dumplings with potatoes – do not forget to interfere

Dumplings with potatoes are best cooked in the traditional way – cook in water. In a saucepan of sufficient size, and it is better if there is as much extra space for cooking as possible, water is poured.

The water is salted with not a lot of salt, and brought to a boil. Salt in water plays the role of not just a flavoring agent, but provides an additional condition for preventing adhesion of dumplings to each other..

In the boiling water one by one, the dumplings are gently dipped one after the other and constantly stirred. The criterion for the readiness of this dish is the emergence of dumplings on the surface, after which, depending on the filling, they should be boiled..

How many minutes to cook the dumplings with potatoes? For full readiness, 5-7 minutes of boiling will be enough, after which they are laid out in a deep bowl and richly oiled with butter, sour cream or fried onions in vegetable oil.

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Delicious dumplings with cottage cheese

Sweet или соленые вареники с творогомDumplings with cottage cheese can be both sweet and well salted..

The taste of these dumplings is original and with ordinary cooking in water, and when using a slow cooker. You can add sweetness to cottage cheese by sugar, honey, dried apricots and other fruits, and you can add a raw egg, slices of chopped cheese or hard cheese to salted or unleavened cottage cheese..

Sweet dumplings with cottage cheese will be more refined when cooked in a slow cooker. After 15 minutes of steaming, dumplings with dried dough and sweet filling are laid out on a plate, poured sour cream and left to cool..

If we cook such a dish in boiling water (and we already know how much to cook lazy dumplings with cottage cheese), then it will take them 30 minutes to lie down on paper to dry out and get rid of excess liquid..

Salted dumplings with cottage cheese, on the contrary, are more tender in water. Subsequent addition of butter, sauce or sour cream in this case is appropriate for still hot dumplings..

In the same way it is possible to cook delicious dumplings with cherries..

Traditional and simple dish – dumplings, can be cooked in an original way and each time in a special way. The use of multicooker allows you to monitor the number of calories and prevent excess fat.

An additional advantage of steaming is the possibility of using non-traditional, but very useful types of flour for the dough, such as rye, corn, which simply spread in water.

Taking care of your health can be delicious, so it’s not always worth giving up your favorite dishes..

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