Honey cake, cooked at home for a family meal, is a tender, fragrant and tasty dessert that will subdue children and the older generation of your family with its taste and aroma.

Generated Honey Cake Recipe

In our country, “Medovik” has been popular for many decades and has become almost a national delicacy, like the legendary cakes “Prague” and “Napoleon”.

Having prepared it, you will pleasantly surprise both small sweet teeth and adult gourmets..

And if you are visited by people who are not familiar with the national Russian cuisine, this dessert will be a real surprise for them.!

There are quite a few recipes for honey cake: each experienced hostess has his own.

Today we will tell about the classic “Honey cake” in butter with sour cream, as well as the popular version of the same recipe – with condensed milk.

Preparatory stages for cooking

Classic Honey Cake is prepared in a water bath.

Therefore, you will need:

  • two pans (medium and large);
  • spatula or spoon for mixing the dough;
  • mixer for beating eggs;
  • beaker;
  • sieve for sifting flour;
  • form for cutting cakes (it is convenient to make a sieve or lid from the pan).
Classic “Honey cake” in butter with sour cream
Cake «Медовик»: пошаговый рецепт для домашнего кулинара
Ingredients amount
Eggs 2-3 pieces.
Sugar 1 cup
Butter (can be replaced with margarine for baking) 50 grams
Flour 2 cups (550/600 grams)
Honey 4-5 tablespoons (150 grams)
Soda tea spoon
Sour cream for cream (preferably with a fat content of 20%) 500 grams
Sugar for cream 1 cup
Time for preparing: 240 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 358 Kcal

Let’s start cooking the classic recipe for honey cake with step-by-step explanations and photos.

Start making dough in that pot that you later put in the water bath..

Kneading игредиентов на тестоFirst, beat all eggs with sugar until white..

Then add butter to the pan..

In order for the butter to be well whipped, it must be soft, so it is best to prepare it in advance: either let it soak at room temperature, or cut into pieces and hold it in the microwave for a bit.

Whip up a lot with oil..

Whipping массы миксеромAdd honey and soda to the saucepan and once again knead well with a mixer..

Now we need to put our dough in a water bath..

How to do it: Pour hot water into a large saucepan, put a container of dough into it and place the whole structure on low heat.

Water should not spill out or fall into the pan with dough..

5-7 minutes later, it will become golden, thicken and start to smell delicious honey.

Add to the pan about a third of the flour (incomplete glass), be sure to sift it before.

Portion колобки из тестаHold the dough in a pot of hot water for about a minute..

Remove the pan from the heat and mix thoroughly with a spatula..

Add the rest of the flour and knead the plastic (not too steep) dough..

Handle the mass carefully: it may still be hot.

Divide the finished honey product into small balls (8-10 pieces) and leave for 15-30 minutes in the cold.

Preparation: bake and collect

“Ripe” buns roll into layers of equal thickness.

Baked коржEach of them check the form, which will be cut: the cake must be not less than its diameter.

Cakes baked on a parchment covered baking sheet.

Time – about 3-5 minutes.

The oven temperature is best set at 180 degrees.

Cakes should be golden brown.

Each of them immediately cut your form, while it is still hot: cooling down, they become hard and crispy.

Now cook the cream: beat the sour cream with sugar until thick..

Greased кремом коржиThe resulting cream spread cakes.

Do not regret the cream and do not press on the cake, otherwise it will drain, and the cake will not soak.

When all the cakes are folded, you need to thoroughly fluff the top and edges of the cake, and all cream, drained on the dish, carefully remove.

Ready “Honey cake” can be decorated to taste.

The cake is stored in the refrigerator, but before that it should be left for two to three hours in the room (for better impregnation).

“Honey cake” with oil-condensed cream

There is another popular cream – condensed milk.

The honey cake recipe is the same, but the filling is changing, take a look at the photo..

Honey торт со сгущёнкой

You will need:

  1. Condensed milk – 1 large can (360 grams).
  2. Butter – 200 grams.

Mix condensed milk and butter (slightly softened) into a homogeneous thick mass..

The process of assembling honey cake with condensed cream is exactly the same as with sour cream.

Tricks of “Medovika”

If your cake is with condensed cream, be sure to take condensed milk according to GOST in an iron can, and not “condensed product”.

Otherwise your cream may turn out to be too liquid..

You can use both cake creams (sour cream and cream with condensed milk), spreading cakes in turn.

Do not throw away the trimmings from the cakes: you can crush them into crumb and sprinkle the cake.

So your Honey cake will be even tastier.!

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If you have not found a convenient shape for cutting cakes, you can make a square cake.

To do this, roll the dough into identical square layers, and after baking, level them with a knife.

In addition to the crumb, ready-made culinary masterpiece can be decorated with walnuts or pour over chocolate icing.

Honey cake does not apply to dietary dishes.

But a life without little pleasure would be too boring.!

A piece of such delicacies for breakfast or afternoon tea does not hurt the figure – but it will fill you with a wonderful mood for the whole day..

In any store you can find “Honey cake” factory production, but homemade cake always surpasses it with its taste.

After all, it is made from fresh and natural products without any extraneous additives..

And most importantly – your care and warmth are invested in it.!

Take a little time to watch the video, which describes in detail all the stages of making Honey cake according to an old recipe..