Loved by many muffins have long won recognition among all, without exception, culinary.

Whether an experienced pastry chef or just starting to learn the basics in the manufacture of baking.

And no wonder.

After all, a cupcake is an airy splendor, something between a cake and a cake, it looks presentable and elegant, and it tastes incredibly delicate, juicy, light..

The classic recipe for cake with sour cream
Home кекс на сметане: рецепты для сладкоежек
Ingredients amount
wheat flour 270 grams
granulated sugar 250 grams
eggs 3 pcs.
sour cream 30% fat 200 grams
butter (not recommended to replace the spread or margarine) 50 grams
baking powder 1 teaspoon
vanilla sugar 5 grams
Time for preparing: 80 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 319 Kcal

Among the many ways to cook this amazing dish there is a classic sour cream cake recipe.

This option is the easiest and amazingly delicious..

It is made incredibly quickly, it is perfectly baked and easily separated from the molds..

A ready-made classic cupcake is delicate, its pieces just melt in your mouth, so you can not even notice its instant disappearance from the plate..

The cooking process in stages:

  1. Remove the sour cream from the refrigerator compartment and leave it alone at a room temperature of approximately 15 minutes.. Sour cream
  2. Place the butter in a bowl and melt with steam using a water bath. You can also melt in the microwave. Then put the oil to cool. Butter топим
  3. In order to saturate the flour with oxygen, sift it through a sieve. Pour the baking powder into it and stir gently.. We sow муку
  4. In a separate deep container, whisk the eggs with a whisk or a mixer (optional).. Eggs
  5. Pour sugar and vanilla sugar in a thin stream into this egg mass, whisk everything. The mass should go light, airy, lush. Without stopping to beat the egg mass, mix the sour cream and melted butter into it, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture is formed.. We interfere другие ингредиенты
  6. Then quietly vsypte in the mixture, mixed with baking powder, flour and whisk again. We enter в массу муку
  7. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Grease a special mold for baking cakes with a piece of butter, lightly sprinkle with flour on top. Pour the dough into this prepared form and send it to bake in a preheated oven.. Pour out в форму
  8. A simple cake on sour cream according to this recipe should be baked for at least 20-25 minutes. Ready мягкая выпечка

We present to your attention a video-recipe of simple smetannykh cupcakes with toffee:

“Zebra” – a popular pastry with stripes!

Have you met people who have never heard of a zebra cupcake?

Undoubtedly, anyone at least once tried to cook this beautiful dish at home, and even if he didn’t cook, he would try it at a party or in a cafe..

Cooking Zebra is very easy and even fun..

You can get not only delicious pastries, but also fantasize, drawing on the test.

And it does not take much time and physical effort..

Cheesecake with sour cream with a funny name Zebra – an excellent recipe for the novice chef who wants to surprise his loved ones or friends with a spectacular dessert.

Aerial "Зебра"

Ingredients will need the following:

  • 250 grams of sifted flour;
  • 150 grams of granulated sugar;
  • 150 grams of sour cream 20% fat;
  • 75 grams of butter or margarine (in this recipe can be replaced);
  • 4 eggs;
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder;
  • 15 grams of baking powder or half a teaspoon of soda, always slaked with vinegar. Necessary продукты

Cooking method:

  1. Approximately 30 minutes before the start of making the dough for a zebra cake, cut the butter or margarine into small cubes and leave to rest at room temperature for softening. Melt it in the microwave to speed up the process.. Cubes масла
  2. Mix eggs with sugar and beat until smooth. It is not necessary to beat until the formation of foam, the main thing is to mix thoroughly so that there is not a grain of sugar left.. Weight без крупинок
  3. Add the butter to the mixture and mix, then put the sour cream and stir again. We throw масло We interfere сметану
  4. Pour the sifted flour and baking powder into the egg mass, stir to a smooth and smooth consistency. The base should be viscous, liquid.. Viscous тесто
  5. Divide the resulting dough into a pair of equal parts. Add cocoa powder to one of them and mix well.. We divide смесь
  6. Take a baking dish, brush with soft butter or vegetable. Sprinkle with flour or lay out parchment paper on top, so the ready-made cake on sour cream will be easier to separate from the mold according to this recipe..
  7. Having prepared the form, proceed to the most exciting process – to lay out the dough. Put two tablespoons of dark dough with cocoa in the center of the mold, then in the center of the chocolate dough lay out the same amount of the usual light dough, which is cocoa-free, and again into the chocolate – the usual, and into the usual – chocolate. And so until the dough is over. In the process of laying out, it spreads and forms an interesting two-tone mass. If desired, you can hold a knife or fork on the surface of the dough, thus giving an even more interesting look to the pattern.. Create слои с рисунком
  8. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and put the resulting product to bake. Ready десерт
  9. Cheerful dessert baked for 15–20 minutes. Slice Зебры к чаю

Please note that this recipe can be prepared in a slow cooker..

Using the miracle technique, you get the following result:

Chocolate cake on sour cream

This is a sweet chocolate dessert, which will have to place, as at a dinner party, and at a family dinner.

It is prepared surprisingly quickly and easily..

The output also turns out crumbly, tender, porous splendor..

Ingredients for the most delicious molded products take the following:

Chocolate маффин на сметане

  • 300 grams of wheat flour;
  • 150 grams sour cream 10% fat;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 240 grams of granulated sugar;
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder;
  • 120 grams of butter;
  • 1 tile (100 g) of milk or dark chocolate (optional);
  • vanillin – to taste;
  • 3 tablespoons of brandy.

Plum пирог от Юлии ВысоцкойHaving touched the subject of baking, we cannot but offer you to prepare a delicious pie with plums in various ways. Moreover, the author of the following recipes everyone knows and respects. Plum cake: recipes from the famous culinary master Julia Vysotskaya.

A wide selection of recipes for creamy sauce for spaghetti, see here..

And here will be offered the most simple options for cooking apple compote. Without spending a lot of time, you get a healthy and tasty apple drink..

Cooking method:

  1. Take melted butter, eggs, baking powder or vinegar-baked soda, sugar, vanillin and sour cream, mix everything thoroughly until smooth..
  2. Pour the sifted flour into the resulting egg-cream mass, stir well again..
  3. Melt a chocolate bar and cool.
  4. Pour the cooled chocolate mass into the dough and mix well..
  5. Turn on the oven and bring the heat in it to 180 degrees. Grease a baking tin with butter and sprinkle it with flour..
  6. Put the chocolate dough in the mold and put in the oven to bake.
  7. Chocolate sour cream cake baked for 45–50 minutes.

Ready-made muffins on sour cream – a great opportunity to show your creative abilities.

Baking decoration is just as entertaining as cooking..

Showing imagination, you can make something fantastic out of ordinary cupcakes..

You can use icing sugar, chocolate icing, mastic, marzipan, fresh and candied berries and much more to decorate..

Have a nice tea party!

And now let’s move on to the theme of the variety of fillings for our fragrant baking and show you a video clip on cooking cupcakes on sour cream with cottage cheese: