“Herring under a fur coat” deservedly shares the first place with the no less famous salad “Olivier” for more than a dozen years.

These two foods are obligatory guests at festive tables..

Alas, but today few people are interested in the origin of certain foods, although their history is sometimes as amazing as the dish itself..

Salad "Сельдь под шубой"

Fish under a fur coat

This salad so beloved by many is the brightest culinary model of the post-revolutionary period, a time of troubled and restless, shrouded in an aura of political and military battles..

A kind of fish in a fur coat is a symbol of the entire Soviet era, starting from its origins..

At one time, the salad was unusually loved by the so-called true proletarians..

The basis for creating such a culinary masterpiece was the quite trivial events of the first decades of the 20th century..

Thus, the author of the salad is considered to be one wealthy merchant named Anastas Bogomilov, the owner of the largest Moscow-Tver network of taverns and canteens.

His catering establishments were so popular among the proletarian class, the creators of the history of that time, that all the meetings and “hot” disputes, often turning into fights, often took place in merchants’ taverns, bringing considerable property damage to the owner.

Classical салат "Шуба"It was then that the notorious recipe “herring under a fur coat” was created, a symbolic dish in each of its ingredients..

For example, its main component, herring, designated the working people, potatoes – peasants, and red beet – blood and the Bolshevik banner.

All this communist rampage was diluted with “Western” French Provencal sauce.

The salad was served as a cold snack to alcohol, which contributed to the lesser intoxication and riot of visitors, in connection with which it instantly became the most popular dish at each feast..

By the way, the name of the dish is also not easy, but it is kept in the spirit of the era.

It was invented by the same merchant in the form of the abbreviation “Sh.U.B.A.”, meaning: “Chauvinism and Decline – Boycott and Anathema”.

The first presentation of the salad was held on the eve of 1919 New Year.

But now, the pompous “Sh.UA.B.A.” has turned into a common, although one of the most popular and favorite Russian dishes, salad “herring under a fur coat” or “fish in a fur coat”.

Ingredients for the classic recipe “herring under a fur coat”
Herring под шубой — все тонкости классического рецепта
Ingredients amount
Ocean herring salted 1 PC.
Medium Boiled Potato 4–5 pieces.
Carrot 1 large or 2 medium
Onion 1 PC.
Red beet 2-3 pieces.
Sunflower oil Little
Salt taste
Mayonnaise “Provence” taste
Time for preparing: 75 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 145 Kcal

“Fish in a fur coat” is probably the easiest salad in its composition.

Technology cooking recipe “herring under a fur coat” with photo

  1. Wash the potatoes, carrots and beets, add water and boil. For the usual recipe for salad “Herring under a fur coat,” potatoes can be cooked in uniforms, and boil it in the usual way, completely, peeled. When the vegetables are ready, drain the water, cool and clean them.. Cooked овощи для салата
  2. Peeled onions should be finely chopped on the board. Sliced лук
  3. Wash the herring in cold water and cut it into fillets, separated from the head, ridge and small bones. After chopping the fish into medium sized pieces. Sliced селёдка
  4. Put a herring on a special layer for a “fur coat” or a regular plate with the first layer, covering it on top with chopped onion. Layer сельди и лука
  5. Pour some sunflower oil. The oil in this case adds juiciness..
  6. The next step is putting boiled potatoes, grated on a grated or carrot grater.. Layer картофеля
  7. On top of the potatoes lay grated carrots. Layer моркови
  8. Salt layer and coat with mayonnaise. You can do without salt. Layer майонеза
  9. Similar to points 6 and 7 in the same order. When laying out, the shape of the salad should be in the form of a small semi-circular dome.
  10. The most recent upper layer – grated beets. Wrap a dish in it. However, the amount of beets to put so as to eliminate gaps or, conversely, a thick layer. Layer тёртой свеклы
  11. Lubricate the surface of the salad with mayonnaise with a finishing chord. The final слой - майонез
  12. Put the herring in a cool place or a fridge for two hours, so that the salad is thoroughly soaked. “Herring under a fur coat”, lined with layers according to its original recipe, is ready!

Voila, now you can enjoy the food!

After a careful study of the technology of making the recipe “herring under a fur coat”, I propose to view the video.

After watching, you can definitely make a salad as well as experienced culinary specialists.!

Recipe “herring under a fur coat” in the form of a roll

Salad “herring under a fur coat” for all of its existence has not changed.

However, today, while preserving the basic composition and technology of preparation, there is a mass of original recipes with the addition of apple, mustard powder, boiled eggs, etc..

In addition, the form of making snacks is also not static..

For example, a very “original” version of a familiar dish can be a “fur coat” in the form of a roll..

How to cook it?

There is nothing difficult, but you will need some skill in wrapping.

So, the ingredients are the same as for the classic recipe..

Exclude only oil.

The main feature of the roll option in its technology.

Material equipment: cutting board, knife, food wrap, plate or dish.

  1. Prepare all the ingredients as the original recipe “herring under a fur coat”.
  2. Spread cling film on a chopping board.
  3. Put the first layer of grated beet. With it, you can pre-squeeze extra juice.
  4. Cover the beets with another layer of film and tamp. This procedure should be repeated with each subsequent layer..
  5. The second is a shredded carrot thin layer, which is coated with mayonnaise.
  6. The next step is the potato. It can be a little salt. Here the potato layer should be thin.
  7. All properly sealed with film.
  8. Next, strip herring with onion.
  9. Now the most important and important point is folding. It should be carefully with the help of the film to wrap the whole mass in the form of a roll. The principle is the same as in the folding land.
  10. Ready roll leave under the film for some time, so that he secured the desired shape and soaked. It is recommended to insist on it for at least three hours..
  11. Before serving, remove the film and decorate the roll with greens, grated egg or mayonnaise.

That’s all cooking recipe “herring under a fur coat” in the form of a roll.

A little effort, and the result is stunning!

Agree that, in the form of a roll, it is more difficult to prepare a salad than it is layered on a plate. Therefore, we prepared a video-plot for the recipe, in which you can gradually see the preparation of our dish in a non-standard form..

Salad features

Many undeservedly, mainly because of the presence of mayonnaise and fat herring in the dish, criticize this salad for its high calorie and harm.

At the same time, despite the very specific composition, the “herring under a fur coat” is a completely acceptable and dietary dish..

Take a closer look: most of the salad ingredients are boiled vegetables that are often used in various types of diets..

The fish is quite fatty, but contains a maximum of trace elements useful for the body and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol and the risk of atherosclerosis, and, most importantly, help fight excess weight.

As for mayonnaise, then its share in the salad is negligible to somehow influence the health or shape.

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However, if paranoid thoughts do not give rest, the usual “Provencal” can always be replaced with the option of low-calorie diet mayonnaise.

This type of snack, although it has a certain static structure, is very democratic in its variable additions and types of performance..

Tasty “Herring under a fur coat” according to the classical recipe, like “Olivier”, is simply obliged to be able to cook any self-respecting hostess.

In addition, this dish is so simple that it can easily become a good option for unforeseen guests..