Hearth bread takes the leading place in popularity among other bakery products. Its feature is baking.

Hearth хлеб - что это такое, как его самостоятельно выпекать

What is it like it was baked in the old days

In the old days, they baked it in the oven on the floor, “under” from here comes the name of the bread – hearth. The stove was previously melted with plenty of firewood. When the wood burned, the coals were removed from the furnace. Round-shaped bread was placed in a heated oven. Heated the oven to 200 degrees roasted bread from below, inside it approached. Due to the correct circulation of the oven with a low arch, he was well baked.

Hearth bread was never baked in shape, it does not need them. The principle of baking was the presence of a flat surface. On the hearth, he himself fits and is formed to permissible volumes..

The lack of form does not give the bread a good fit, it turns out to be dense, satisfying. Easy to cut, it is considered very satisfying. The bread baked at the bottom of the oven usually has a round, oval, oblong shape. The oven should be very hot, such conditions allow you to bake real hearth bread, which does not get stale for a long time.

Features of modern technology

In modern conditions there are no ovens like in the old days, however, this does not mean at all that it is impossible to achieve the necessary conditions when baking bread. Instead of the “hearth” use metal or ceramic sheets, stones for baking..

The baking stone is a piece of baked clay, its thickness can reach 5 cm. The stone warms up, after which its heat transfers to baking. The surface must be absolutely flat and dense. Before baking, shaped bread should be spaced on the table..

On top of the loaf, it is more common to make cuts or recesses in the center – this will allow the bread to grow up and not to crack. Hearth baking method allows bread to reveal all its beauty, to gain a crisp.

Pre-oven is heated to 200 degrees. Place the bread, laid out on a flat surface. The heat roasts the crust, does not allow the dough to spread. Small bread quickly grabs, and then baked from the inside.

Another condition that should be observed, the bread needs steam. If you do not have a professional steam oven, you can spray it with water from a spray bottle or place a container with water down the oven..

Modern technology is practically no different from the old, the main thing is to follow the recommendations, according to the recipe. If everything is done correctly, the bread will turn out lush, porous, tasty. To make the loaf more fragrant, you can put cabbage leaves in the oven.

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Baked in a loaf of bread looks like a tall tortilla. However, it is rich in magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, microelements, antioxidants necessary for the body.

Eating such bread contributes to proper digestive processes. Components of bread affect the beauty of the skin. Unlike tin loaves, hearth normalizes blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Dense in texture bread quickly saturates, just eat one slice. If a loaf is baked from rye flour, its useful properties increase several times. In addition, it can rightly be considered a dietary.

How to bake bread hearth at home

For those who decide to cook bread for the first time, it is better to try the simplest recipe first. In the future, you should not be afraid of experiments, trying more complex options for baking bread using the hearth method.

A good helper for a modern housewife will be a bread maker in it, you can make dough, and then bake bread in the oven. If there is no bread machine, you can knead the dough with your own hands. The dough will have to go and space according to the recipe..

Wheat-rye mustard
Ingredients amount
wheat flour 250 g
Rye flour 130 g
cucumber pickle 250 ml
live yeast 1 tsp.
ground mustard 2 tsp.
sugar 2 tsp.
Time for preparing: 210 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 269 ​​Kcal
  1. Combine the shaking with the brine, add sugar, mustard, add flour. Knead the dough in the bread maker or manually. Yeast must be fresh.. yeasto breathes, in professional conditions – use special baskets add муку.
  2. A well-made dough is crushed and shaped into a loaf shape. Put on a flat surface for baking. knead хлеб
  3. To the top of the loaf does not crack, make cuts or recess in the center. When bread takes a crust, sprinkle it with water without removing it from the oven.. cut through
  4. The oven must first be preheated at high power. Bake for at least 40 minutes, readiness to check the splinter.
  5. Take out a loaf, cover with a napkin and give a little rest. More delicious bread will be when fully cooled.

White hearty bread

Ingredients Required:

  • water – 300 ml;
  • flour (highest grade) – 380-400 g;
  • dry yeast – 1.5 tsp;
  • sugar – 2.5 tsp;
  • salt – 1.5 tsp;

Cooking time: 2.5 hours.

Caloric content: 242 kcal.

  1. Inside the tank, where the dough will be prepared to pour in warm water, pour in the yeast. Add sugar, salt, let the yeast dissolve.
  2. Further parts add sifted flour, kneading dough. Then put the dough on the table, knead it well, cover with a napkin for about an hour.
  3. Come dough again knead. Prepare a flat surface for baking, you can use a regular sheet of the oven. Lay it with parchment, do not need to grease, otherwise the dough will spread.
  4. Put on a sheet of shaped bread, make cuts or punctures with a fork.
  5. Oven should be preheated, stove at high power for 35-40 minutes.
  6. After the loaf has been taken out of the oven, let it cool under a cloth..

Useful tips

  1. Flour is sure to sift, so it is enriched with oxygen, which is very important for baking.
  2. Yeast can take any important thing that they were fresh, expired product will not give bread a good fit.
  3. All ingredients accurately measured, flour can go on the recipe for more. Its amount must be adjusted according to the degree of mixing. The dough should not be liquid, keep well shape.
  4. Preheat oven to 200 degrees, and only after laying baking. It is not necessary to lower the temperature.
  5. Opening the oven and peeking is also not necessary.
  6. Hot loaf spread on a napkin or a special stand, so he cooled. It is not necessary to put it on the table, otherwise it will give off underneath.
  7. If you make bread on sourdough is a long, but very useful process, the loaf will turn out more delicious..
  8. To add flavor to the dough in the second stage of the batch, you can add products and spices that will give flavor. Initially, nothing was added, modern hostesses put spices to taste.
  9. You can add bran, oatmeal, peeled seeds, sesame to flour.
  10. When baking, you can sprinkle bread over flour, sesame, poppy seeds or just moisten with water..

Enjoy your meal!