Absolutely any product can be both beneficial to the body and harmful. Green tea with honey except here will not. To know everything better, read on this article..


Benefit and harm

Surely you know that if the honey is heated too much, it loses all its benefits. That is, it becomes clear that this product cannot be boiled under any circumstances. Well, if you do everything right, then such a drink would be nice to tone up the body, and also have a tonic effect for anyone who drinks it. This is due to amino acids and antioxidants in the composition.

There are too many benefits in the composition of honey: vitamins and microelements. Among this list you will always find phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium. Did you know that there are as many of these components in the composition of a bee product as in human blood??

Tea leaves can boast of tannin in its composition. And they, by the way, have an antimicrobial effect. Now imagine how much benefit in such a drink.!

Drink with regular use will be able to strengthen the weak immunity or maintain already strengthened. It has a good effect on mood, and, accordingly, will resist depression. Again, such a drink will fight bacteria, remove slags and toxins from the body, as well as pathogens, will have an anti-inflammatory effect..

If you are cold or cold, be sure to prepare yourself such a tea, it will not only warm you inside and outside, but also relieve the first symptoms of the disease – itching in the nasal passages, sore throat, and so on..

In the case when you are already sick, this drink will also be very useful, because it will help to quickly deal with the disease and reduce the effects of strong medicines on the body. You can also drink it for insomnia and poor eyesight. It will calm the nervous system and help you sleep soundly, and also help improve your eyesight..

Harm, fortunately, in such a drink at times less than good. It can be harmful only if you are allergic to one of the components, as well as excessive use. In the second case, you may become overweight or worsen diabetes, if you are ill with it. In addition, the use can have a bad effect on tooth enamel, therefore we advise you to rinse the mouth after every time.

How to cook green tea with honey

tea с медом

It would seem that there is absolutely nothing difficult in making ordinary tea with honey. But this time is a little more complicated..

The caveat here is that in no case can this kind of tea be poured with boiling water. Its temperature should be about 80 degrees Celsius. Too hot water can not only spoil the taste of the drink, but its benefits from it will be too little, and perhaps not at all..

In a glass of tea you need to put just one teaspoon of honey. Drink such a drink in reasonable quantities to treat and strengthen the body. All the benefits and applications you can read a little higher..

How to brew a drink with ginger and honey

For the preparation of such a drink, you need only three ingredients, and all of them are listed in the title. First you need to bring the water to a temperature of 80 ° C. Then quickly peel fresh ginger and put a few slices in hot water. Let it brew for five minutes and then pour it into cups, add honey.

This tea can also be drunk in small quantities (about 1 liter per day). It will remove the feeling of hunger, add energy, and also will have an anesthetic effect in case of diseases..

Recipe for green tea with honey, lemon and ginger

For this drink you will need a ginger cube. Most often it is a form with a side of 20 mm. Wash and cut lemon into slices, squeeze juice out of two cloves and pour into ginger.

ginger натереть

Add a glass of water to them and place on the stove. When the liquid comes to a boil, boil for ten minutes..


While the tincture is boiled, it is necessary to brew tea. To do this, again, bring the water to 80 ° C and pour it with tea. Mix the finished tea with the ready decoction, add honey and ready!

add чай

Apply for weight loss, that is, improve metabolism. It will also help to remove excess cholesterol, toxins from the body, prevent cardiovascular diseases..


Drinking rules

Green tea with honey can be consumed in any quantities and at any time of the day. If you add ginger to the drink, then the whole jug is enough for one day, you don’t need to drink any more, otherwise it will not bring any benefit. Also, a drink with the addition of ginger can not be drunk at night, as it gives energy, and you just can not sleep.

If you want to drink it with the purpose of treating insomnia, then the drink should be consumed at least two to three hours before bedtime. Tea with lemon can be consumed in the same way as with ginger. That is, you need to brew a small jug (1-1,5l) and stretch the pleasure for the whole day..

Another important point in drinking tea is that honey is added before consumption. That is, it does not need to be added to tea if you are going to drink it in a few hours. And one more important point – honey can be added only to a drink whose temperature is not higher than 40 ° C, otherwise honey will emit carcinogens.

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Calorie and application

Since the caloric content of today’s drink is only 30 kcal / 100 g – it is very fond of people who are on a diet. It satisfies hunger, and at the expense of honey, the drink is also sweet. Yummy!

But if you are not one of those who have good willpower, then you can arrange only one fasting day for yourself. What does it mean? This means that for the whole day you will only use green tea with honey every time you want to eat something..

Also very popular mono-diet with the addition of this drink. This is a diet during which you consume only one product with the addition of honey tea. That is, for example, only apples or buckwheat, or kefir or any other product that is intended diet.

Tea is sometimes consumed and instead of dinner. But if you are going to drink this way, then do not insist on it for too long, so that the tea does not turn out strong, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep. And you need to drink this tea at least two hours before bedtime..

Contraindications to the use

This tea is not recommended to drink for pregnant women and, of course, nursing mothers. Drinking it is not prohibited, but it should be done very carefully. The body accumulates allergens that can badly affect the unborn child. Therefore, we recommend to abandon the drink at least for a while..

If you have an ulcer or gastritis, then you, too, better to give up tea. And also with a high body temperature. Drink increases blood circulation, and in case of illness it can end badly..

Of course, it is better for people with diabetes to consult a doctor before drinking such tea, as well as people with heart disease. If you are taking medications that thin the blood, you also need to talk to a specialist first..

Green tea with honey will bring you not only benefits, but also pleasure, because it is very tasty, sweet, and also gives energy. Isn’t it a unique drink? Cook it not only for yourself, but also for your relatives, they will like it.!