In Soviet times, the goods on the shelves did not differ in diversity, so the housewives pampered the household with culinary delights of their own cooking..


Waffles were considered as one of the favorite desserts, every self-respecting woman had a personal special recipe..

Many people still have a forgotten waffle-iron in the closets. It can be useful for creating a culinary masterpiece..

How to make the best dough

The secret of the correct test for such a dessert in the composition and consistency. The density should resemble sour cream.

The waffle iron needs to be well heated, if the temperature is not sufficient, the waffles will not have time to bake.

The cooking time depends on the thickness of the dough and the ingredients used..

For example, waffles in butter are prepared quickly – about 45-50 seconds. And when using milk or kefir, the time increases – 4-5 minutes per serving..

If the waffle iron is new and has never been used, then you need to add 1 spoon of potato starch to the dough. So you get rid of sticking dough.

The classic dough recipe for homemade wafer products
Recipes десертных вафель для советской вафельницы
Ingredients amount
Butter 100 g
Eggs 3 pcs.
Salt quarter teaspoon
Sugar 1 cup
Sifted flour 400 g
Sour cream 2 tbsp. spoons
Vanilla sugar 1 pinch
Soda or baking powder 1 teaspoon
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 195 Kcal

The easiest, inexpensive and quick waffle recipe for a Soviet waffle iron on the stove. If you do not have experience with the waffle iron, start with it.

Before the formation of light foam, beat the eggs, mixed with sugar, add vanillin. In another dish add soda to sour cream and mix.

Eggs и сахар

Combine both mixtures, then add soft margarine. It is soft, not melted.

We connect

Add salt. Whisk the mixture and gradually add flour..

We pour муку

Immediately all the flour is better not to add, so that it is more convenient to get rid of possible lumps. Knead the dough to a visual resemblance to sour cream.

Ready смесь

Pour one tablespoon of the mixture onto the prepared heated waffle iron and spread gently over the entire surface. Press the lid and wait 1-2 minutes.

Pour out массу в вафельницу

The first waffle will be dark brown, the rest will be pale golden..

First вафля

Accordingly, the cooking time should be reduced..

Stack of готовых вафель

Ready waffles must be quickly rolled up into a tube while they are warm..

Rolled up трубочки

Further, it all depends on your preferences. Waffles can be either a ready-made dish or filled with custard or condensed milk..

Waffles с заварным кремом

If you remove sugar and vanilla from the recipe, you can make not a dessert, but an appetizer using pate or cheese.

We offer you to read the video recipe below. It is not classic, but the simplest that you can think of..

Tubes with condensed milk for the Soviet waffle iron on gas

Many people remember how in childhood a cast-iron waffle iron was heated on gas to a red-hot color. This delicacy was always welcome and gathered around the table the whole family..

The waffle dough recipe for a cast-iron waffle iron is slightly different from the classic for electric. Let’s try to restore this forgotten taste of childhood..

Ingredients: Ingredients

  • Butter (margarine) – 250 g;
  • Sifted flour – 300 g;
  • Chicken eggs – 4 pcs .;
  • Granulated sugar – 200 g;
  • Salt – 1 pinch;
  • Soda – a quarter of tsp.

For the filling, you will need a can of condensed milk, and 300-350 grams of butter.

Let’s start with the filling: add the melted butter to the container with condensed milk and mix. If possible, use a mixer. Then the mass will be air.

The method of making waffles will be as follows..

Rub eggs into the sugar and whisk until a good thick foam mass is formed, pour melted butter in a thin stream, without ceasing to work with a mixer.

Next – salt and sifted flour. If you use a mixer, all 300 grams of flour can be put at the same time. When using a whisk, add flour gradually..

We put на газHeat the waffle iron to a temperature of about 190 degrees and pour the dough in the amount of 2 tablespoons. Carefully distribute around the perimeter, ensuring that it does not overflow.

Close the lid and tightly compress. Each waffle takes 3-4 minutes.

Be careful! A lot of hot steam comes out when cooking.

After the waffle is baked, quickly make a horn or tube out of it and let it cool.

When all the tubes or horns are ready, you need to fill them with condensed milk..

If you do not have a pastry syringe on the farm, then simply pour the condensed milk in a plastic bag and cut one corner. This is a great alternative to a syringe..

Fill all tubes with filler. Waffles with condensed milk are ready, you can make tea for them and enjoy the resulting dessert!

Now get some rest and watch the video-plot on making such wafers, at the same time making sure that the steps are correct:

Crisp Light Waffles Recipe

Delicious crispy waffles can also be low-calorie. Such a recipe will undoubtedly appeal to the sweet tooth, who dreams of losing a couple of kilograms, but who is in no way able to force himself to give up the sweet.


  • 3 eggs;
  • Sugar – 150 g;
  • Vanillin – 10 – 15 g;
  • Kefir – 1 cup;
  • Wheat flour – 1 cup.

Crunchy вафлиGrind the egg – sugar mixture until smooth. Then add vanillin and kefir. Sifted flour is poured in small portions, stirring constantly.

Heat the waffle iron, put the dough on the panel, close the lid and squeeze the surface. Bake 2-3 minutes.

To give waffles lightness and crunch, increase the cooking time to 3-4 minutes, they should turn brown.

Soft dessert products with filling

Take the classic Belgian recipe as a basis for making a mild, airy dessert..

Ingredients for soft waffles:

  • Wheat flour – 1,5 glasses;
  • Milk or cream – 1.5 cups;
  • Sugar – 1 faceted glass;
  • Chicken eggs – 2 pcs .;
  • Butter – 130 g;
  • Salt – half a teaspoon;
  • Soda or baking powder – half a teaspoon.

Add baking powder to the sifted flour, you can replace it with soda. Thawed butter at room temperature, cut into pieces and dissolve in milk, mix until a homogeneous mixture.

Pound eggs with sugar, put the resulting mass into milk, add salt. Mix well.

Waffle трубочки с разными начинками

Add flour in several steps and stir until smooth. Remove the resulting dough in a dark place for 15 minutes..

Heat the waffle iron, brush the butter on both sides with a brush. Ladle pour into the dough. Make sure that it is enough.

The amount of dough depends on your waffle iron. It should fill the cells, but not overflow.

Once the forms are completed, close the lid..

It will take about 4 minutes to acquire golden color and proper cooking..

Waffles cooked in a Soviet waffle iron are ready. It remains only to fill them.

Classical заварной кремFill the waffle cones with custard. The recipe for a classic custard is a taste familiar from childhood. Great dessert!

Come here and you will find the recipes for making the amazing “Rotten Stump” cake. The most interesting thing is to make a cake. This is where you can be creative.!

Do you know what hummus is? Not? Then quickly open this article and read. Information will be not only informative, but also very useful, since knowledge can be applied in practice!


Soft Belgian waffles are served with fresh berries: raspberries or blueberries. But you can also use syrup, jam or jam.

Whipped cream will be a great addition..

For a visual effect, decorate a cream cap with a mint leaf and sprinkle with powdered sugar..

Thin Viennese waffles

With the phrase “Viennese waffles” culinary delights immediately come to mind in bright packages that are dazzled with store shelves. But this exquisite dessert can be cooked on your own, with only the Soviet waffle iron on hand..

Ingredients that you will need:

  • Flour – 200 g; Viennese вафельки с сиропом
  • Sugar – 100 g;
  • Eggs – 2 pcs .;
  • Pasteurized milk – 250 ml;
  • Rum – 1 tablespoon;
  • Oil – 100 g;
  • Salt – a quarter of a teaspoon;
  • Dry yeast – a half tablespoon;
  • Vanillin – 10 g.

Using simple technique, separate the egg yolks and proteins. Mix the yolks with a piece of granulated sugar (about 70 g), whisk.

Melted butter on the steam bath to cool and pour into the egg-sugar mixture. Milk a little warm, but do not boil. Mix with yeast and add to our mixture..

Add salt, vanilla and a spoonful of rum, gently stir until the bulk ingredients dissolve. Sifted flour, slowly, fall asleep in the mixture, stirring. Leave the dough for 30 minutes in a dark place..

During this time, rub the yolks with the remnants of sugar (30 g), add a pinch of vanilla and a pinch of salt. Beat until thick foam. Gently pour the proteins in the resulting dough.

Bake for 4 minutes on a hot waffle iron. Viennese waffles can be served on the table with vanilla ice cream, berries or fruit syrup. In Europe, in many places such a dessert is often combined with soft cheeses..

We offer to watch the video below, which shows the recipe for making Viennese waffles without rum:

Little tricks

Waffles can serve as an excellent dessert even for vegetarians, it is enough to exclude eggs and milk from the dough. They should be cooked in water, and the rest of the recipe remains classic..

Many housewives love to pamper kids chocolate waffles. Of course, the main addition to the dough will be cocoa..

You should not save on it, the Soviet cheap cocoa will make the taste bitter, and the waffles themselves will be non-uniform color after baking. Stock up on good imported cocoa with vanilla. It needs quite a bit for one baking, so enough for a long time..

To quickly separate the yolk from the protein for Viennese waffles, punch an egg on both sides with a needle. Gently blow into one of the holes above the cup. The yolk will remain in the shell, and the protein will be “blown out” on the plate..

Add a teaspoon of turmeric.

For Viennese waffles, you can replace the rum brandy. So they will become more fragrant and will have a pleasant aftertaste..

At the beginning of the article we mentioned that waffles can be savory. So watch another video on how to make delicious cheese waffles: