Plum pie – wow, what an extraordinary yummy, just melts in your mouth!

And even if it is cooked in a slow cooker, it cannot be described at all..

Preparing is simple, fast and so useful..

It can be either from fresh plums or from ice cream; both sweet and sour.

If there are plums in the house, you should definitely try such a wonderful recipe..

They are perfectly combined with a delicate cake and caramel pouring, giving it an extraordinary spice.

Recipe for dough and pie filling with plums and caramel filling in a slow cooker
Delicious пирог со сливой в мультиварке: рецепт домашней выпечки
Ingredients amount
Sahara 1-1,5 glasses
vanilla sugar 1 bag
chicken eggs 2-3 pieces.
of milk third of glass
butter 130–150 grams
baking powder 2 teaspoons
wheat flour 200 grams
salt and citric acid on a pinch
large plums 10–15 pieces
Time for preparing: 100 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 211 Kcal
Immediately you need to prepare the very baking dish in a slow cooker, since the dough has the ability to quickly settle and to make it good and tasty, you must immediately pour it into the bowl as soon as it is ready.

To do this, it is enough to take a clean pan – the form and very carefully grease it with margarine over the entire width and height, then you need to lightly sprinkle with flour and set aside.

And now we carry out such steps:

  1. Prepare the plums for the pie filling. If they are used frozen, then, of course, they had to be obtained in advance in order for them to thaw.. Plums
  2. Then divide the fruit into two halves and at the same time remove the bones. Plums без косточек
  3. Next, you need to put plums on the bottom of the bowl of the multicooker, which we prepared in advance, with the cut part down. Plums в мультиварке
  4. Then set aside the form and proceed to a quick kneading the dough for the cake. To do this, chicken eggs, and they should be at room temperature, to drive in sequence into a deep bowl. Eggs
  5. Add salt, a little citric acid, a bag of vanilla sugar and half a cooked portion of regular sugar (the second half is useful for caramel). This mixture of products must be thoroughly grind to obtain a white homogeneous mass.. Eggs с сахаром и солью
  6. Then add the measured amount of milk and butter to it, but leave a little for the filling, the oil should be cold and softened. Mixture со сливочным маслом
  7. Then pour the flour with baking powder and knead the dough, it should turn out to be sticky. Set it aside for a while. We pour муку
  8. For cooking caramel filling, a cup from the slow cooker and frying mode are useful. You need to take the butter, which is left, about 30 grams, and put it in a cup with the set of frying and pour the remaining half of the sugar, mix everything thoroughly. When the sugar and butter are already well mixed, add a little water to it and continue stirring. The mixture will begin to caramelize, watch her closely and as soon as she becomes cream colored turn off frying. Caramel
  9. With the caramel, pour the plums, which are in baking mold.. Plums в карамели
  10. After pouring the caramel, you need to gently lay out the dough in a baking dish.. Dough Ready сливовый пирог

Baking plum cake

After the finished dough is laid out on top of the caramel filling, cover it with a lid and set the baking mode for 60 minutes..

You can not be afraid that something will be wrong with the cake, you should not look at it every few minutes, as this can only harm.

In order to lush fragrant pastries neatly get without damage, it is necessary, while it is still hot, to send the container from the double boiler to it and turn the mold over it onto the dish.

Delicious cake, come out without any problems.

Also in detail with all the nuances you can see the process of cooking plum pie in the following video:

Important notes recommendations!

Before starting the preparation of the dough, at the moment when the eggs are driven in, it is best to insure each of them into a separate bowl and make sure that they are normal and fresh..

If at least one of them gets bad, the whole pie will be spoiled..

It is recommended to spread the wet mass into the bowl starting from the edges and reaching the middle, this will provide the flour product with an even shape and even baking..

After the baking mode is turned off, you can try to poke the finished cake with a wooden skewer.

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If the dough sticks to it a little, then you need to cook it for another 5-7 minutes..

In order to give a more fresh and attractive look, you can sprinkle the top with powdered sugar, even in the form of heat.

Now the plum pie is ready to eat..

It is an excellent option for tea drinking..

Tasty, easy, helpful!

Try not regret!

We continue our culinary tradition to delight you with unusual video recipes, which differ from the main classical ones and thereby give a new taste to the usual dishes..

Here’s a video: