A variety of dishes can be made from ground beef – all known cutlets, meatballs, dumplings, manti and other tasty treats are made using this tasty, and most importantly nourishing product..

These treats are actively used for everyday menus, as well as for the holiday table. Therefore, each housewife must necessarily have in stock a few recipes for delicious ground beef dishes.

Meatballs with cheese filling in tomato sauce
Delicious блюда из говяжьего фарша для всей семьи
Ingredients amount
ground beef 700 grams
Luke 2 heads
garlic one head
mushroom Kilogram
nuts 130 grams
eggs 1 PC.
sheep cheese 100g
olive oil 4 large spoons
a tomato 600 grams
tomato juice 2 glasses
parsley 4-5 stems
dried basil 1 tsp
pepper and salt taste
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 188 Kcal

How to do it:

  1. To begin, clean one onion and cut into small pieces;
  2. With four teeth remove the skin and shred the knife with small plates or skip through the crush;
  3. We grind nuts to a condition of a crumb;
  4. Rinse a bunch of parsley and chop into small pieces;
  5. Spread minced meat in a cup, add onion, garlic pieces. Also we fall asleep nuts, greens;
  6. Add one chicken egg to the mince, salt and pepper;
  7. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, you should get a base with a uniform structure;
  8. Cheese must be cut into 10 cubes;
  9. We divide forcemeat into 10 parts;
  10. From each part we make a small cake, in the center lay out a slice of cheese and form round meatballs;
  11. Add olive oil to a deep brazier, put it on the stove and heat it;
  12. Put the meatballs in hot oil, fry them on both sides for 3-5 minutes and remove from heat;
  13. Then we peel the onions from the husk and chop them into small pieces;
  14. Spread the onions on another pan, add olive oil and place on the fire. Fry for about 5 minutes until transparent;
  15. Rinse the tomatoes, cut into several pieces, put into a blender and grind to a puree;
  16. We spread the tomato mixture to the onion and leave to cook for another 5-7 minutes;
  17. Then pour the juice from the tomato, add salt, basil, pepper and bring to a boil;
  18. Fill the meatballs with prepared tomato sauce, put them on the fire and leave to stew under the lid for 20 minutes.

Spicy Minced Vegetables

For the preparation we will need:

  • half a kilo of ground beef;
  • 800 grams of frozen beans;
  • 600 grams of tomatoes in canned form;
  • 120 ml of tomato juice;
  • two cloves of garlic;
  • two onions;
  • 150 ml of sunflower oil;
  • 1 tsp black pepper in a hammer form;
  • pinch of hot pepper in a hammer form (red);
  • a few pinches of salt.

Preparation period – 1 hour 20 minutes.

Caloric content – 245 kcal.

Start cooking:

  1. Peel the onion head and cut into small pieces;
  2. With cloves, remove the skin and pass through the crush;
  3. Pour the oil into the pan, put it on the fire, add onions and garlic. Cooking a quarter of an hour;
  4. Next, add the stuffing, stir and fry for about 20 minutes; slice овощи
  5. We take out tomatoes from the jar. Put in a colander to stack all the juice and pickle;
  6. If there is a peel on the surface of the tomato, then it must be removed;
  7. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and put them to the stuffing;
  8. Simmer meat with tomatoes for about 10 minutes;
  9. Wash beans, cut into small pieces; slice овощи
  10. Put the bean pieces to the mince, stir and leave to fry for about 15 minutes;
  11. Put the tomato paste, add the juice from the tomatoes and leave to stew for another 10 minutes; add соус
  12. At the end we season with black and red pepper, add some salt, simmer for 3-4 minutes and remove from heat.. minced meat


To prepare such a dish of ground beef in the oven you need the following components:

  • 800 grams of minced beef mince;
  • 800 grams of potato tubers;
  • onion – 1 piece;
  • ½ head garlic;
  • 80 ml of milk;
  • a piece of hard cheese – 70 grams;
  • 130 grams of peas in frozen form;
  • egg – 1 piece;
  • some olive oil;
  • a piece of natural butter for 60 grams;
  • 60 grams of barbecue sauce;
  • tomato sauce – ¼ cup;
  • parsley – 60 grams.

Cooking time – 1.5 hours.

Calories – 240 kcal.

How are we going to do:

  1. First you need to peel the potatoes, rinse well and cut into medium slices;
  2. Put the potatoes in a saucepan, pour in water, add salt and boil on the fire;
  3. While the potatoes are boiling, we peel the onion from the skin, cut it into small pieces, remove the skin from the garlic teeth and squeeze it with a press;
  4. Add olive oil to the pan, warm it up, pour onions and garlic. Fry for 10 minutes and remove from heat;
  5. As soon as the potatoes are soft, remove them from the heat, pour out the water, pour a little broth for making mashed potatoes;
  6. Add a piece of butter to the potatoes, add the broth and make a homogeneous mashed potato;
  7. Rub the piece of cheese and add to the mashed potatoes, add some salt and season with pepper. Mix well;
  8. In a deep baking dish you need to lay a piece of parchment paper, light the oven and leave it to warm up;
  9. Put mince in a cup, add frozen peas, one egg, breading;
  10. Next, add the minced barbecue sauce, tomato sauce;
  11. Rinse the parsley, chop into small pieces and put it in the base;
  12. At the end lay out the onion and garlic zazharku, add some salt. All components are well stirred;
  13. Put the stuffing on the bottom of the mold, tamp it well and put it in the oven;
  14. Mince you need to bake for half an hour;
  15. Next, remove the form from the oven, lay out a layer of mashed potatoes on top and remove it again;
  16. Leave to bake for another half hour until fully cooked;
  17. Next, take out the form, leave to stand for 10 minutes and put on a plate;
  18. Serve on the table, pre-cut into pieces.

Quail Meat Muffins

dishes с фаршем

If you do not know what to make from the pork beef, then the recipe for these delicious muffins for you. What ingredients will be needed:

  • Mixed minced meat (pig-beef) – 750 grams;
  • one onion;
  • carrot root – 200 grams;
  • quail eggs – 6 pieces;
  • 110 grams of cheese of a firm grade;
  • a bunch of fresh greens;
  • sunflower oil.

Cooking time – 1 hour 10 minutes.

Calorie – 255 kcal.

How are we going to do:

  1. Carrots should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water, remove dirt, skin from its surface;
  2. Rub the carrot on a medium grater;
  3. From the surface of the onion, remove the peel and chop into small squares;
  4. Add some sunflower oil to the broiler, put it on the fire and heat it;
  5. Sprinkle on the heated oil onions, fry for a few minutes until rosy color;
  6. Next, put mashed carrot, mix and fry vegetables for 6-7 minutes;
  7. Put the fried vegetables to the stuffing, add salt, pepper and mix thoroughly;
  8. Putting quail eggs in salted water, set to boil until cooked, about 10 minutes;
  9. A field of this is cooling the eggs, scouring the shell;
  10. Silicone baking molds for cupcakes should be lubricated with sunflower oil;
  11. We spread in the form of half the stuffing;
  12. Then put 1 quail egg in each form, close the top with minced meat;
  13. We warm the oven to 180 degrees;
  14. Remove the forms with meat muffins in the oven for 40 minutes;
  15. 10 minutes before the end of cooking, sprinkle top of the muffins with grated cheese and finely chopped greens.

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Dietary beef mince

Cabbage rolls

Ingredients for cooking:

  • 800 grams of minced meat;
  • onions – 300 grams;
  • rice – 180 grams;
  • one fork of cabbage;
  • a glass of cream;
  • half a glass of milk;
  • 80 grams of tomato paste.

Cooking time – 1 hour 10 minutes.

Calorie – 175 kcal.

Cooking process:

  1. We wash the cabbage, place it in a container, fill it with water and boil until half cooked;
  2. Then divide the cabbage into leaves, lay them in a colander to glass all the liquid;
  3. Rice should be boiled until half cooked;
  4. Put rice, salt, spices in mince and mix thoroughly;
  5. Peel the onions from the husk and chop into small pieces;
  6. Sprinkle onions into the base, stir again;
  7. We spread the stuffing on cabbage leaves and fold them tightly;
  8. Put the cabbage in a double boiler;
  9. Combine cream, milk, tomato paste and spices in a separate cup. All components are well mixed;
  10. Fill the sauce with cabbage rolls and leave to cook. If cabbage rolls are cooked in steamers, then the whole process of their preparation will take 45-50 minutes;
  11. After that, put the cabbage rolls on a plate, pour the sauce and serve on the table.

Ground Beef Soup

What ingredients will be needed:

  • 400 grams of ground beef;
  • dried green peas – 250 grams;
  • 5-6 pieces of potatoes;
  • 200 grams of onions;
  • one carrot;
  • three liters of water;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt to your taste;
  • spice mix.

Cooking time – 40 minutes.

Calorie – 169 kcal.

Preparation Procedure:

  1. Add some butter to the pan, add the minced meat and fry it for 5-7 minutes;
  2. Next, pour the water and leave to boil;
  3. The potatoes must be peeled, rinsed and cut into small pieces;
  4. Put potatoes in ground broth and leave to boil until potatoes are soft;
  5. Wash dry peas and pour into broth;
  6. Onions are peeled, cut into small cubes;
  7. We rinse the carrot, scrub dirt and skin. We rub a root crop in a large shaving;
  8. Put onion and carrot in broth;
  9. Boil the soup for 10-15 minutes;
  10. At the end, season with salt, spices, cook for another 7 minutes;
  11. Turn off the fire, insist 15 minutes and pour into plates.

From ground beef, you can cook a variety of dishes that will come in handy for a family dinner or for a festive menu. Forcemeat is considered a universal product that can be added to various treats. The main thing is not to forget about the spices and spices that will give a pleasant aroma and excellent taste..