Exquisite French dish that can be prepared even on a weekday. The rabbit in wine is especially tender, it literally melts in your mouth! It can be prepared in several ways, but the result will always be very appetizing and fragrant.!

How to Marinate Rabbit Meat

Prepared meat is better to marinate in small pieces. This will allow the wine to be absorbed better, and it will also be much more convenient to cook the meat in this form..

White Riesling wine is well suited for the rabbit, which softens the meat with its light “sparkling”. It is worth paying attention to the young wine, it fits better than seasoned. Only dry or semi-dry is used: the less sugar in the beverage, the better. Later this same wine can be served on the table in glasses along with the prepared dish..

Marinating will take from two to twelve hours. Marinating can be simply in spices, and you can use different additives. For example, celery and parsley root puree. You can grind the cloves, use white onions, various spicy herbs – the main thing is that they suit the taste of the wine..

From herbs it is necessary to dwell on rosemary, thyme, lemongrass, lemon balm, fennel. Of the spices, white pepper works well, it should be ground in a mortar on its own for a pronounced flavor..

How to put out a rabbit in white wine
Gentle и вкусный кролик в белом вине для праздничного ужина
Ingredients amount
laurel leaves 2 pcs.
sunflower oil 60 ml
rabbits 1 PC.
carrots 2 pcs.
white dry wine 150 ml
bulbs 2 pcs.
spice taste
garlic 3 teeth
thyme dry 4 g
Time for preparing: 240 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 132 Kcal

How to cook:

  1. Clean the carcass and divide it into small portions.
  2. Transfer the pieces into a bowl and pour over with cold water, leave for two hours. After soaking, wash and wipe off moisture with napkins.. soaking мяса
  3. Heat a small amount of oil, transfer the rabbit here and fry it over medium heat until light rosy. frying мяса
  4. Peeled carrots cut into cubes.
  5. Chop garlic without husks.
  6. Onion peel and cut into quarter-rings. cut лук
  7. All of these components should be placed in a frying pan with a rabbit and about 400 ml of water should be poured in, that is, about two glasses..
  8. Add seasonings, including thyme and bay leaves. Stir, cover, cook for about half an hour.
  9. When water is half boiled away, wine should be poured into the food instead. Stir and from this point cook another forty minutes under the lid. adding вина
  10. When the liquid turns into a thick sauce, and the meat is easily separated from the bone, the dish can be served..

How to cook meat with vegetables

sweet and sour apples 3 pcs.
spice taste
tomatoes 0.5 kg
olive oil 130 ml
rabbit legs 6 pieces.
bulbs 1 PC.
Bulgarian peppers 4 things.
garlic 5 teeth
flour 0.1 kg
greenery taste
dry white wine 350 ml

What time is 2 hours?.

What is calorie – 118 calories.

How to cook:

  1. stewed кроликWash feet, remove all moisture using wipes..
  2. Flour the flour in a plate, salt. Roll meat.
  3. Pour a couple of spoons of oil into the pan and heat. Then shift the meat and fry until a light crust forms over the entire surface. It will take about seven minutes..
  4. Chopped large onion chop half rings.
  5. Wash the peppers, pull out the seed boxes, cut the pulp into large squares..
  6. In the same way, grind and washed tomatoes without a stem. You can take and cherry, then they just need to cut in half.
  7. Wash the apple, you can not peel the skin. Cut into large cubes.
  8. In the pan, where the meat was cooked, you need to fry a little onion with garlic. Pull out.
  9. Next, add pepper, browse it too, pull it out..
  10. Similarly, fry and apples.
  11. Take the form with thick walls. For example, a goose. Lubricate it with oil. Put onion in the first layer, then pepper and apples, tomatoes and spread legs on top..
  12. Finely chop the greens and sprinkle it on top. In random order, decompose the finely chopped garlic.
  13. Each layer needs to be seasoned. It should be about three layers..
  14. Top with all pour wine. To cover with a lid. Move to oven at 200 degrees for about twenty-five minutes. Remove the lid and dogotovit for another fifteen minutes.
  15. Serve at the table without garnish.

Sour cream and white wine

thyme 2 branches
olive oil 60 ml
a rabbit 1 kg
spice taste
rosemary 1 sprig
flour 45 g
laurel leaves 3 pcs.
grainy mustard dry 5 g
sour cream 0.2 l
garlic 1 prong
dry white wine 80 ml

What is the time – 1 hour 40 minutes.

What is calorie – 175 calories.

innings с макаронами

How to cook:

  1. The carcass of the rabbit divided into parts, each must be washed and dried..
  2. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the pieces of meat in a pan, then transfer them all to a cauldron.
  3. In the same pan add chopped garlic clove, fry it for a minute, pull out.
  4. Pour wine here, add sour cream and seasonings, mix everything. Put the mustard, stir. The resulting sauce is a little to reduce, it should be a little thicker..
  5. Stir in the flour and remove from the heat in two minutes, pour the sauce over the meat in the cauldron.
  6. Top put a sprig of greens. Cover and simmer for forty minutes over medium heat, then remove the greens and serve..

ribs по-канадски

How to cook delicious Canadian ribs.

Here you can see the recipe for the “Swallow’s Nest” cutlets.

As an appetizer, you can make pita bread with cheese and greens. Here you can see the recipe..

How to bake a rabbit in wine in the oven

cherry 7 pieces.
rabbits 1 PC.
olive oil 30 ml
rosemary 3 branches
white wine 0.1 l
spice taste
lemons 1 PC.
butter 40 g

What time is 3 hours 30 minutes?.

What is calorie – 144 calories.

How to cook:

  1. baked кроликDivide the carcass into portions, wash and dry them. Season each piece from all sides..
  2. Transfer to a plate, distribute randomly sprigs of rosemary.
  3. Cut half of lemon into slices and put in different places to meat.
  4. All these products can be sent to marinate in the fridge for two hours, you can cover it with something, for example with a film.
  5. After that, melt a piece of butter in a skillet and fry the rabbit in it from all sides. When the crust appears, pour the wine and let it boil. After that, simmer on low heat for about ten minutes..
  6. Grease the baking dish with olive oil, put a few more lemon rings and some rosemary.
  7. Next, transfer the meat here with the wine sauce in a single layer.
  8. Top with a little more lemon and rosemary, as well as a sprig of cherry tomatoes. They first need to wash.
  9. Send to the oven for twenty-five minutes at 170 degrees, then immediately serve.

Cooking recipe in a slow cooker

olive oil 45 ml
spice taste
bulbs 2 pcs.
olives 1 bank
lemons 1 PC.
a rabbit 1.5 kg
dry white wine 180 ml
garlic 3 teeth

What is the time – 1 hour 45 minutes.

What is calorie – 141 calories.

meat в мультиварке

How to cook:

  1. Wash the rabbit carcass, divide it into small pieces.
  2. Rinse lemon and cut into circles.
  3. Stir these two ingredients, season and set aside..
  4. Peel off large bulbs and chop them into small cubes.
  5. Finely chopped garlic.
  6. Pour olive oil into the bowl of the multicooker, select the “Frying” mode, set the timer for half an hour.
  7. Put the onion in the bowl and fry it until golden. You need to constantly interfere.
  8. Then put here the pieces of meat without lemon. Circles of citrus do not need to throw away.
  9. Fry the meat from all sides, the oil can be poured.
  10. Then add the same lemon, garlic, olives and wine. Top up with water so that it only slightly covers the meat..
  11. Close the lid of the device and switch the mode to “Quenching” with a timer for an hour and fifteen minutes.
  12. After the multicooker signal, hold the rabbit in the “Heating” mode for another ten minutes, then serve.

Tricks culinary

You can stew a rabbit in wine with a variety of additives. From vegetables you can stop at zucchini, pumpkin, as well as spinach. You can use mushrooms: suitable as store mushrooms, and forest whites, chanterelles, etc. Also pay attention to hard cheeses, such as parmesan.

For wine sauce, you can pour cream or a little balsamic vinegar to get a new taste: more tender or pronounced. Especially tasty mix rabbit, mushrooms and cream of medium fat. This sauce is poured and garnish, and not just meat. As a side dish worth staying on rice.

For extinguishing suitable capacity with thick walls and bottom. It warms the food better, tares it, thus making the dish more tender. Both cauldron and saucepan will fit with tight-fitting lid.

Rabbit meat is sometimes soaked. This allows you to remove a certain smell, as well as to achieve the tenderness of meat. In addition to water, you can use milk or low-fat cream for soaking. Keep the meat in liquid for about three hours, then rinse and cook according to the recipe.

Video recipe for cooking rabbit in white wine:

A stunning bunny in white wine is the best choice for a festive table or a romantic dinner. Such a dish does not cause heaviness in the stomach, and its special taste cannot be forgotten.!