Pasta in a navy easy to prepare and very satisfying dish for everyday food.

Where the food itself came from and its name can be argued for hours, however, the fact that this dish has nothing to do with the Soviet fleet is precisely known.

Most likely, the dish came from a macaroni (pasta and mince casserole, less stew), in a more simplified version of cooking on the stove.

Pasta рожки по-флотски

The dish appeared on the tables of Soviet citizens in the postwar period, when macaroni became available and was produced in large volumes..

It should be noted that we are talking about pasta (a tube with a cavity inside), and not about homemade noodles, which at that time any housewife could cook in her kitchen in just an hour.

The preparation took quite a bit of time, it was enough to cook pasta and prepare the meat component of the dish..

To do this, fried onions with the addition of various vegetables, such as carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, they were sometimes replaced with tomato paste and minced meat.

The minced meat minced could be from chicken meat and beef.

Often boiled meat or Soviet stew meat was added to the pasta in a naval manner, which simplified the dish even more without affecting its taste..

In our time, even working women to organize a quick and at the same time delicious lunch or dinner helps the slow cooker..

And such a simple dish takes only about 20 minutes of time, which is just enough to build a salad of vegetables as a supplement.

As mentioned above, for cooking, especially in a slow cooker, it is not recommended to use spaghetti, they are more suitable for cooking on the stove.

But the various varieties of tubes and shells are just perfect.

Navy pasta with tomato sauce in a slow cooker
Crumbly макароны по-флотски в мультиварке: рецепты и советы
Ingredients amount
Beef meat 350 g
Pasta Packaging 400 g
Onion 1 PC.
Tomato Paste 50 g
Vegetable broth 500 ml
Fresh greens small bunch
Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper taste
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 310 Kcal

The easiest and most common recipe for cooking dishes with a traditional taste, familiar from childhood.


  1. Turn on the multicooker on the “Frying” mode. Important: the bowl of the multicooker does not need to be lubricated with vegetable or butter. Pour dry pasta into the slow cooker and fry them until a golden crust appears on the surface.. Raw макароны
  2. They quickly turn red, so it is not recommended to be distracted from the process, constantly stir them with a silicone or special spatula. Remove the roasted pasta from the bowl, rinse it, and put the slow cooker into the “Heater” mode so that it stays hot.. Fried макароны
  3. Meanwhile, the meat for juiciness and softness, you need to scroll a couple of times in a meat grinder. Scroll through мясо
  4. Crush the onion head very finely so that it is not felt in the dish. Ground лук
  5. Lubricate the form with a small amount of vegetable oil and fry the chopped onion, switching the mode to “Frying” or “Baking”. Fry лук
  6. After the onion has acquired a golden color, add the mince into the bowl.. Minced meat с луком
  7. Using a silicone spatula, mix everything and fry a little. At this stage, the mode can be changed to “Quenching”. Add tomato paste and a little vegetable broth, continuing to stew the meat component of the dish. After 5 minutes, pour the fried pasta, season them with spices and salt, add the broth so that it covers the pasta and, mixing the dish, close the multicooker lid. Add макароны
  8. The pasta will be ready in 10 minutes, as soon as all the liquid has evaporated. You can not fry pre-pasta, however, this technique allows you to get in the horns or tubing delicious golden color, moreover, they with this method of processing will not stick together. Serve hot with a salad of vegetables, garnished with finely chopped fresh herbs. Ready made макароны с фаршем

Spicy pasta in a naval manner in a multicooker with liver

Minced meat is traditionally used, but it can be replaced with canned meat, boiled meat or delicious offal, such as liver or chicken stomachs..

If chicken liver is used for cooking, it is not recommended to add tomato paste, but on the contrary, replace it with sour cream..

The dish will turn out with an unusual, but very piquant taste..

You will need the following products:

  1. Chicken liver – 500 gr.
  2. Bulgarian pepper – 1 pc.
  3. Pasta shells – 250 gr.
  4. Tomatoes – 3 pcs.
  5. Sour cream – 200 gr.
  6. Onion – 2 pcs.
  7. Salt and freshly ground pepper.
  8. A bunch of fresh greens.
  9. Pinch of dry parsley.
  10. Bit sweet paprika.


Since the dish is quite nourishing, it is mostly cooked in the cool season, when fresh vegetables with a real, and not “plastic” flavor are practically unavailable..

However, to extinguish, you can use frozen and cut into small pieces tomatoes or peppers.

Wash chicken liver well, separate all foil and cut into small pieces..

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Onions chop into small cubes.

Lubricate the form of the multicooker with a small amount of oil and fry the onion in the Frying mode until golden..

Put the chicken liver in a bowl and bring it to an appetizing golden crust.

Change the mode to “quenching” and close the lid.

While the liver is stewing, chop the bell peppers and tomatoes..

You can add a bit of finely grated sweet carrot or celery stalk to the dish..

Pour chopped vegetables to the liver, mix and salt.

Next will go freshly ground pepper and spices to taste..

After thorough mixing, add sour cream and dry pasta..

If the sauce is not enough, you can pour one multi-glass of water or broth..

Stew the dish for about 10 minutes, when serving, decorate with chopped greens.

If boiled macaroni is used for cooking, they should be put in the bowl literally a couple of minutes before the dish is ready..

For a savory taste, you can sprinkle a little salty cheese with a spicy taste..

Important Tips

To make the liver more juicy, it can be soaked in milk for at least an hour.

And before cooking it is recommended to cut it into small pieces..

Do not use tomato paste instead of tomatoes, it is better to add more carrots or sweet pepper.

Adding fresh herbs to the dish emphasizes the refined, but simple taste, saturating the body with useful vitamins..

If in the refrigerator there is a piece of boiled meat and already cooked pasta, then in a slow cooker you can prepare a dietary dish for toddlers and elderly relatives..

Make it quite easy, just fry or stew, pouring broth, onions and tomatoes, add boiled meat and pasta.

Adding broth will make the dish more tender, and the pasta itself will slightly roast during the cooking process, even with a small amount of oil added..

Mode recommended to use “Baking”.

For adults from spices, you can add spicy paprika, a pinch of curry spice, nutmeg well set off the taste of the dish, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Additionally, during the roasting of the meat component of the dish, you can add a couple of leaves of Lavrushka, cumin seeds or jira to diversify the usual taste of the dish..

Next, I propose a video-recipe for pasta in a naval manner..

Try it, even a beginner in cooking will cope with this dish..