Warm days have already arrived, which means that summer, with its heat in many regions of our country, is not far off. And a lot of coffee lovers will be forced to cut back on the amount of refreshing drink consumed, or even abandon it for the duration of the heat..

coffee глясе с мороженым

After all, a hot drink during this period does not cause much desire to drink it. But, dear coffee lovers, do not despair! You will still be able to recharge and keep your pressure normal if necessary..

Cold coffee will come to your rescue in the summer. Some may be surprised, but chilled coffee drink is quite common and there are many recipes in which it is the basis.

Here we will dwell on one of the most common among the iced coffee drinks – coffee with ice cream. After all, in the summer is particularly popular products?

Of course – ice cream, cool, with a variety of flavors and fillers. Coffee with such an additive gets amazing creamy taste..

Glasa – this is what is called coffee with ice cream

Coffee in combination with ice cream was named glaze, which came from the interpretation of the French pronunciation of the word “frozen.” History is silent about the specific epoch and place of appearance of this drink..

Many tend to Austria, someone believes that the drink came from France, probably because of the name of the drink. Most likely, in any country where a drink made from coffee beans was popular and the technology of ice cream production was known, sooner or later people came to this drink..

Simply, France and Austria have always enjoyed greater attendance by tourists, and there were quite a lot of travelers from these countries..

coffee холодныйBut all this does not matter, the main thing is that the coffee-glase has become known to the general public, and we have the opportunity to enjoy its taste..

You can cook it yourself, but in addition to this coffee-glaze it is common in many cafes and coffee houses, even in McDonalds. In the menu of this restaurant, the drink is listed as “Coffee Glasse”, and its portion has 120 kilocalories. Reduce the calorie homemade drink you can by reducing the amount of sugar.

But at the expense of ice cream, this type of coffee will have a hefty calorie content, even if it is not particularly large. But coffee drink alone is rarely drunk, right? Therefore, if you follow your figure, you should not drink it too often..

And single instances of consumption will not really affect your figure..

How to cook

There are a lot of options for making coffee, but remember one important thing: for a glance, it should be cooled. You can safely add ice cream and hot coffee drink, but it will be just a drink with an additive and no more.

Below are some examples of recipes that will allow you to enjoy iced coffee..

Classic look
Coffee с мороженым — как называется вкусный «тандем»
Ingredients amount
natural ground coffee 1 teaspoon
ice cream 1 tablespoon
whipped cream 30 grams
grated chocolate taste
Time for preparing: 10 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 140 Kcal

The most common filing option.

First of all coffee is prepared: brewed in a coffee maker or turk.

cook кофе

Then you need to let it cool. After cooling the base, we take a glass goblet, put ice cream on the bottom, preferably in the form of a ball, pour coffee on top.

add мороженое

Top it up with whipped cream. Basically, the drink is ready, but for a brighter taste, you can rub chocolate on top of the drink.

add сливки

For faster cooling, you can add an ice cube to the base.

Coffee breakfast

In hot weather, many people find it difficult to eat at least something for breakfast. Just for such cases this recipe of coffee-glaze is very suitable – you will drink an invigorating drink and saturate your body with calories that will be enough for the whole beginning of your working day..

To prepare the drink you need:

coffee со сливками

  • Egg yolks – 1-2 pieces;
  • Natural ground coffee – 1 tsp;
  • Ice cream – 1-2 tablespoons;
  • Sugar to taste.

Brew coffee. At this time, beat the yolks with sugar. When the coffee is ready, put the yolks on a slow fire and pour the base on them, stirring constantly until the mixture becomes thick..

Allow the drink to cool. Then add ice cream to the mixture. Your breakfast is ready. The caloric content of such a drink is within 300 kilocalories, depending on the amount of sugar and ice cream..

Coffee Shake with ice cream

Why not treat yourself to a whipped coffee cocktail? What is required for this:

  • Chilled coffee – 1 cup;
  • Ice cream, soft – 4 tablespoons;
  • Chocolate syrup – 1 tablespoon;
  • Whipped cream – to taste;
  • Milk – by necessity.

Put coffee and ice cream in the mixing bowl. Mix with a blender. If the mixture is too thick, dilute with milk to the consistency you need..

Pour the mixture into the glass, place the cap of whipped cream on top. Decorate with syrup. Serve this drink immediately after cooking..

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Glaose coffee serving

The classic supply of such coffee is to fill the drink with a special glass in the Irish style. Such glasses have thick walls and a thick handle. But if you do not have such dishes, then you can give a glance in transparent tall glasses.

What is required to serve is a dessert spoon, designed for scooping cream and ice cream, and a cocktail straw through which coffee is drunk..

Decorate such drinks can be syrupy divorce, chocolate chips, can be served without decorations. In addition to them, you can provide cakes, chocolates, berries.

This acquaintance with this delicious drink is over. Now you know how not to deprive yourself of coffee in the summer, and in any other season this drink will be in place..

In cold and wet weather, you can not cool it, and add ice cream immediately. But if you follow the figure, then remember that too often you should not use such coffee, you should also not put too many additives, it is better to reduce them to the minimum possible..

Enjoy your meal!