Glaze is an indispensable component when creating confectionery masterpieces – from cookies and muffins to cakes.

Unlike fudge, it is prepared quite simply and quickly, while the ready dish looks presentable and appetizing..

Chocolate глазурь для кекса

Cocoa icing is especially popular..

Functions of glaze and its properties

Most sweet pastries are made using this fill..

Properly prepared frosting is a versatile tool that not only serves to decorate cakes and pastries, but also allows you to save the situation by improving the appearance and taste, if pastries are not completely successful..

With skillful handling of it, you can create a whole picture on the cake, capturing the imagination of the guests.

The main components of this sweet sauce are milk, granulated sugar, butter and cocoa powder..

Using various cooking techniques, you can get a lot of different texture and color..

Replacing the listed ingredients (for example, milk for water or sour cream) and adding other components, it is possible to change the taste properties of the pouring, achieving unexpected original results..

Traditional chocolate icing for a cake with milk or water
Glaze для торта из какао – аппетитное украшение выпечки
Ingredients amount
Cocoa powder 4 teaspoons
Sugar or powdered sugar 125 grams or 6 teaspoons respectively
Butter no more than 50 grams
Milk 6 small spoons
Time for preparing: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 330 Kcal

In a metal or enamelled container, mix cocoa powder with sugar, then add milk and, mixing it well, send it to the burner..

Cocoa с молоком и сахаром в кастрюлеCooking is continued at a slow burning until the sugar is completely dissolved and until foam appears..

The mixture is constantly stirred..

After the appearance of foam, the container is removed from the burner and left to cool for a short time..

In this form, the icing for the cake from cocoa is ready for use..

When its consistency is between an overly liquid and too thick phase, you can pour biscuits or muffins with the sauce..

After curing, a matt crispy appetizing crust will appear on the baking..

Sauce на огнеBy adding butter to the cooled, warm mass, you can change its color and consistency to get a lighter tone and a soft structure..

After throwing oil, mix the mixture with a mixer, then bake it with it..

Cooking chocolate glaze according to the above recipe, you can replace the milk with water in the amount of 4 teaspoons.

The technology of preparation of such a delicious aromatic mixture is similar to the version with the addition of milk.

The boiling time is no more than 60 seconds, after which the gas is turned off and removed from the stove, cooled to a warm state and butter is mixed in..

Cakes and muffins decorate the finished pot by putting it on with a spoon and smoothing it with a knife..

As a result, a glossy smooth chocolate crust of sufficient thickness is formed on the baking surface..

When decorating small cookies or cakes, leveling is carried out with a teaspoon..

Video of this recipe below:

Glaze with the addition of condensed milk

The main components are:

  1. Cocoa powder – 4 tsp.
  2. Condensed milk – 200 grams.
  3. Butter – half a teaspoon.

In a skillet mix condensed milk and cocoa powder..

Fill шоколадная со сгущенкойThe container is moved to a fire, brought to a boil and boil for a minute..

To ensure the uniformity of the sauce and to avoid its burning, you should constantly stir the contents of the saucepan..

The resulting filling is set aside and allowed to cool slightly, after which the specified amount of butter is gently mixed..

If you want to change the fill color to a lighter or darker saturated, you can add cubes of white or dark chocolate to the ingredients..

Glaze recipe with honey and coconut milk

The main components are:

  1. Cocoa powder – 2 tsp..
  2. Chocolate – 50 grams.
  3. Honey – big spoon (no slide).
  4. Coconut milk – one tablespoon.
  5. Butter – big spoon.

Chocolate is chopped with a knife or grated.

The crushed product is put in a saucepan and mixed with cocoa powder, honey and coconut milk..

The saucepan is put on a small fire, bring the mixture to a boil (stirring constantly) and boil until the sauce thickens and has a uniform consistency..

Then the contents of the pan are cooled and add the specified amount of butter..

The resulting pastry sauce is immediately applied to the prepared pastries..

Mushroom соус из шампиньоновRecipe for mushroom sauce from mushrooms: a pleasant flavor variety. The sauce is one, and there are many recipes, which means that every time there will be a new taste for the same dish..

Prepare apple compote using the tips of experienced chefs in the article, and you will be pleasantly surprised how fragrant this drink can be.

The most famous citrus – lemon – will help you gradually get in shape and get rid of extra folds at the waist. All methods are described here..

Cooking chocolate glaze with sour cream

The main components are:

  1. Sugar – 6 full teaspoons.
  2. Cocoa powder – 2 teaspoons (for fans of bitter glaze, you should add another half spoon).
  3. Oily sour cream – 4 tsp..
  4. Butter – 2 teaspoons.

Preparation of the recipe for chocolate icing for the cake begins with the fact that the cocoa powder is mixed in a container with sour cream and sugar to be heated on the stove, after which the mixture is heated over low heat, stirring continuously.

After the sugar has completely dissolved, remove the sauce from the heat, add butter, mix well and leave to cool for a while..

In a slightly warm condition, the finished fill is applied to the confectionary..

The peculiarity of the mass cooked on sour cream is its ability not to harden and not flow at the same time, therefore it is optimally suited for decorating sweet cakes and pies..

Thus, using various combinations of products, it is possible to prepare the pouring with cocoa suitable in a particular case, getting a brilliant smooth decoration for baking, the chocolate aroma and taste of which will not leave indifferent either households or guests.

And now we look at the video with a step by step description of all the stages of making cocoa sauce with sour cream: