Remembering fresh juices, first of all imagine sweet fruit mixes: multivitamin, grapefruit, pineapple, grapes. Vegetable juices cause less pleasant associations, although they bring the same or even great benefits..

Tomato, carrot, beet, pumpkin freshes saturate our body with essential micro and macro elements, vitamins and antioxidants, stimulate the release of enzymes and speed up the metabolism.

the juice из морковки и свеклы

Carrot-beet juice: the benefits and harm

Carrot juice is considered the leader in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A, which is extremely useful and important for humans. It improves eyesight, strengthens bone tissue and hair, stimulates the digestive tract.

the juice выжатьHowever, to cope with the processing and assimilation of beta-carotene, the liver has to work in an emergency mode. Overdose can cause the skin to turn yellowish..

Excessive consumption of carrot juice can also cause high blood sugar levels..

Beet juice is no less useful. It eliminates problems with the composition of the blood, reduces blood pressure, helps the liver to cope with high loads, removes toxins and toxins.

However, due to the high content of oxalic acid, it can lead to an exacerbation of kidney diseases and cause diarrhea, with urolithiasis – to provoke the release of stones. Hypotonics often complain of deterioration of health, because it reduces the pressure.

To avoid side effects is quite simple: you just need to mix these two juices in the ratio of one to three. Their components mutually compensate for the harm from each other, and only the pure benefit of such beetroot-carrot juice remains..

How to make healthy vegetable juice

Nowadays, in any grocery store you can buy fruit and vegetable juice, carrot and beetroot is not an exception. However, it will be much healthier and calmer to cook it yourself.

Even more benefits can be obtained if the products are grown in their own garden. To make a drink, you only need a juicer or press at hand..

Carrot Beet Juice


  • Carrots – 3 pcs .;
  • Beets – 1 pc .;
  • Boiled water – 50 ml.

Before cooking, thoroughly wash the roots, peel the skin and chop into small cubes..

slice морковь

This preparation can be done in a large volume and stored in food containers in the refrigerator, and if necessary, extract and squeeze the desired portion of the drink..

to cut свеклу

Install the unit, skip the beets and collect the juice in the tank. We give it to stand at room temperature for at least two hours, and only after that proceed to the processing of carrots.

squeeze сок

Mix both components, and the mix is ​​ready for use. If it is intended for children, it is better not to drink it in its pure form. Dilute it with boiled cool water..

to mix сок

Beet-carrot juice with apples


  • Carrots – 1 pc .;
  • Beets – 0.5 pcs .;
  • Apple – 1 pc.

Many children refuse to drink vegetable juice, in such cases you can cheat and add any fruit to it, in this case an apple. It will add flavor and density. It is best to use not sweet, but sour fruit..

Peel the vegetables and fruits, cut the center of the apples, chop into medium cubes and pass through the press. All beet-carrot apple juice is ready to eat.

No less useful combination of beet-carrot juice will be with celery, barley and pear. But it’s an amateur.

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How to prepare a drink for the winter

The most suitable time for preservation and harvesting is summer. It is during this period of the year, when fruits and vegetables appear and ripen, that we try to prepare as much as possible for the winter. Not all vegetable juices tend to be stored for a long time, but this does not apply to carrot-beetroot..


  • Carrots – 2 kg;
  • Beets – 2 kg;
  • Orange peel – 1 pc .;
  • Citric acid – 2 grams;
  • Water – 2 l;
  • Sugar – 250 g.

Consider how to prepare and preserve carrot-beet juice for the winter in detail. Peel a single orange peel, first be sure to wipe it with a damp cloth. Wash vegetables under running water, peel off and rub on the finest grater.

The resulting gruel from all products immersed in an enamel pan, add the zest and water. Mix everything and leave to infuse for two to three hours..

Then take a large gauze, fold twice or three times and strain through it the vegetable mixture.

Pour the resulting liquid into a deep pan, add sugar, citric acid and boil on the stove until it is completely dissolved..

Pour the finished hot juice over the sterilized cans, roll up the metal lids and wrap in a warm blanket until it cools completely. Pull down to the basement or pantry.

How to eat beet-carrot juice

carrot and beetroot сокDoctors and nutritionists do not recommend to use more than one and a half liters of carrot juice per day, and the dose of beetroot is generally advised to limit to 50 milliliters and use it for no more than two weeks in a row.

It’s best to mix carrots and beets. It is able to compensate for the lack of sulfur, potassium and many other alkaline elements in the human body. To improve the taste, add a spoon of natural honey..

Carrot-beet juice in this form is recommended to use no more than three months in a row. Then you have to take a two-month break..

Mixing these two juices is also necessary in a clear proportion: three parts of carrot drink, one part of beetroot and nothing else, so as not to harm the body. It should be drunk early in the morning half an hour before the intended breakfast or two hours later..

No need to gulp down the entire contents of the glass at once. Divide it into small throats and hold it for a short time in your mouth, so vitamins and trace elements are better absorbed..

On the contrary, it is not recommended to give such a mixture to children on an empty stomach: it is too aggressive and may cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach. Better to do it between main meals.

Tips for a note

To make a healthy juice, you need to take young vegetables of this season, they must be free from rot or stains, because the injuries indicate any diseases of the root vegetables. If you do not have a special press or juicer, you can chop the vegetables on a grater and squeeze the juice into a glass, transferring the slurry to gauze. This method requires more labor and time, but is also effective..

Beet is better to take not round, but oblong, rich burgundy color, it is juicier and sweeter in taste. Pick more carrots in diameter and with a blunt end – there is more carotene in it and taste is just as pleasant.

Before cleaning, carefully wash the vegetables from dirt, so that you do not have to wash the peeled fruits under running water.

Instead of boiled water, a freshly prepared drink can be diluted with pre-frozen ice cube. Fasting carrot-beet juice will cause even greater appetite..

Enjoy your meal!