What New Year’s table does without the popular “Capital” salad?

Yes no.

And not only the New Year, at all other holidays and important events (birthday, name day, anniversary), guests are always welcome to this spicy and original salad.

Moreover, there are several recipes for its preparation.

Cooking the classic way
Salad столичный с курицей: пошаговый рецепт приготовления
Ingredients amount
chicken breast 400-500 g
medium sized potatoes 4-5 pieces.
hard-boiled eggs 3-4 pieces.
celery 2 sticks
salad 3-4 leaves
salted cucumbers 100 g
green pea one medium jar
medium carrots 1-2 pieces.
lemon juice one small spoon
mayonnaise taste
olive oil Little
salt and black pepper taste
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 189 Kcal

Before you begin the main process of cooking salad, you must first boil the following products: chicken breast, carrots, potatoes, eggs.

These products boil in salted water, and separately from each other.

After they cool down, free the chicken, carrots and potatoes from the skin, the eggs – from the shell.

All products cut into small cubes, celery sticks and lettuce finely chopped and poured into a large bowl.

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Add the remaining ingredients – green peas (pre-drained water), pickles, mayonnaise, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and black pepper.

Mix gently and place in the refrigerator for a while..

Before serving, decorate the salad with strips of carrots and cucumbers, as well as olives or greens.

“Stolichny” chicken salad is ready!

The recipe for “Stolichny” with chicken and mushrooms

Add курицу и грибы

For lovers of mushroom salads, this unique recipe will be most welcome..

It combines elements of the previous recipe with the addition of mushrooms.

So, to prepare a salad with chicken and mushrooms, you need to stock up on the following ingredients:

  • 200-250 gr. chicken meat;
  • 4-5 medium sized potatoes;
  • 4-5 eggs;
  • 2 small carrots;
  • 2 onions or a bunch of green leeks;
  • 1 medium pot of green peas;
  • 1 jar of pickled mushrooms (mixed: white, mushrooms, chanterelles);
  • 50 gr. celery root or two or three sticks;
  • parsley and dill;
  • 1 fresh cucumber;
  • salt and pepper to taste;
  • mayonnaise.

Cooking method

Before starting the preparation of the salad, it is necessary to carry out a number of preliminary and mandatory actions..

To begin with, the onions should be peeled, finely chopped and marinated..

Clean the onion, finely chop, pickle in vinegar (for half an hour – an hour, not more).

Boil in salted water (but separately) chicken meat, potatoes “in uniform”, carrots and eggs.

Why in salt water?

Because salt will not let the vegetables boil out and crumble.

Next, clean the specified products and cut into small cubes.

Similar actions to do with cucumber and mushrooms.

Drain green peas in a colander so that the liquid is completely drained..

All the ingredients are mixed in one dish, salt and pepper, then refuel with mayonnaise. Here, perhaps, all.

“Capital” salad with chicken and pickled mushrooms is ready!

Before serving, decorate the dish with greens.

“Stolichny” with smoked chicken!

Smoked курица в "Столичном" - объеденье

This salad is absolutely easy and simple to prepare and requires neither time nor money..

All that is needed for the preparation of “Capital” salad with smoked chicken is:

  • one small smoked chicken (you can just breast – an amateur);
  • two potatoes;
  • onion – half of the head;
  • one medium sized carrot;
  • one chicken egg;
  • 30-40 gr. parsley;
  • half a jar of canned green peas;
  • mayonnaise;
  • salt – to taste.

Cooking method

Vegetables – carrots and potatoes – washed, pour water from the tap, a little salt and put on fire.

Do the same with the egg.

Remove boiled vegetables from water, cool, peel and cut into small cubes..

Peel the egg and dice it.

Go to the onion, clean, finely chop and scald with boiling water, leave for a few minutes, then completely drain the water.

Free the chicken breast from the skin, cut into cubes of medium size, approximately the same size as the vegetables.

Parsley finely chopped.

All ready-made ingredients are mixed in a wide bowl, salt, lightly pepper and fill with a small amount of mayonnaise.

Here, perhaps, and everything, “Capital” salad with smoked chicken is ready!

Before serving the salad directly on the table, it is advisable to leave it in the fridge for a while..

During this time, all the ingredients are mixed, due to which the taste will be refined and delicate..

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Decorate the salad with parsley sprigs.

As can be seen from the description, the recipes for cooking all the above salads are quite simple..

All you need is patience and good mood..

As a result, you can cook one of these salads and please not only family members, but also your friends..