Many still love and appreciate homemade pastries, despite the abundance in pastry shops.

The Anthill Cake is loved by many for its tender crumbly shortcrust pastry, sweet cream, simple recipe and the lack of clear rules according to which this delicious and at the same time democratic cake must be made.

Step by step classic recipe cake Anthill
Cake Муравейник: рецепт из детства
Ingredients amount
butter 200 grams
sour cream 200 grams
wheat flour 2.5 glasses
granulated sugar 100 grams
baking powder 2 teaspoons
cream butter 100 grams
boiled condensed milk 1 bank
cream for cream 100 grams
Time for preparing: 210 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 459 Kcal
  1. Butter must be removed in advance from the refrigerator so that it becomes soft at room temperature. The softened butter, sugar and sour cream for the dough are laid out in a bowl and mixed using a blender to dissolve the sugar. It should make a fat homogeneous mass.. Sour cream, яйца и сахар
  2. In the resulting pulp need to add sifted flour and baking powder. Stir flour slowly to avoid lumps.. Adding муки
  3. Stir the dough thoroughly and roll into a bowl. This is a classic shortbread dough, it is easily kneaded and does not stick to hands. Dough
  4. For ease of further manipulation, the dough can be kept in the refrigerator, it will become hard. According to the recipe, you can skip the dough through a meat grinder and put it on a baking sheet covered with parchment obtained with small sausages. Or you can simply spread it on the baking tray in small pieces of arbitrary shape. The appearance of the finished cake depends on this stage.. Sausages из теста
  5. Baking with cookies to put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. It takes about 15 minutes to bake shortbread dough, but it all depends on the size of the dough pieces, so after 10 minutes you need to check the cookies. Ready made колбаски из теста
  6. The cream can be cooked while baking cookies. To do this, you need to mix all the ingredients for the cream in a blender. Do not be afraid if the cream seems watery, then some of the moisture is absorbed by the cookies, the butter will harden, and as a result you will get a strong cake. If you wish, you can add grated nuts in the cream, it will give it a more delicate taste and aroma. Cream для торта
  7. Ready-made cookies should be slightly broken, this is done in order to get a crumb – mixed with cream, it will give your Anthill a pleasant texture.. Broken печенье
  8. It remains to mix the baked cookies with cream. Do not be too zealous so that the cookies do not crumble completely, it is enough to achieve the effect when the cream will evenly envelop all the pieces of cookies. Biscuit с кремом
  9. After mixing all the ready-made ingredients, the cream will start to thicken quickly due to the crumb interfered with it. You need to put the mixture on the plate in a picturesque slide. The appearance of baking depends largely on your own ideas about how a real anthill should look.. Ready Муравейник
  10. Ready cake is recommended to leave in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. The cream will soak the biscuits, and the butter that is in the cream will be a little harder. After impregnation and hardening, the Anthill is ready, it is perfectly cut, pleases with aroma and delicate taste. It can be served on the table right way, or decorated to your own taste.. Decorated торт

More Anthills – good and different

The above recipe with a photo of a cake The anthill is not at all a dogma.

In fact, it was created by troublesome housewives at a time when not only food was difficult, but over time there were quite tangible problems in preparing home baked goods..

That is why each house has its own recipe for Anthill.

The maximally simplified recipe is widespread, when purchased instead of homemade cookies are used: crackers, sweet straws, or simply scrap of any ready-made cookies..

The cream is also mixed very simple – a jar of boiled condensed milk with an equal amount of butter is ground into a homogeneous mass, this is used to fill the scrap of cookies and form a slide.

There are also more sophisticated biscuit cake recipes..

For example, cakes are sprinkled with crumbs from cookies, cocoa, poppy seeds, multi-colored sprinkles, and finely chopped dried fruits, nuts, seeds are added to the recipe.

Some housewives put the Anthill in layers to make the cake look original and appetizing in the section..

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Useful tips

What to do if you want to make a classic recipe for an Anthill cake made from cookies, and there is a catastrophic lack of time?

In fact, it is not at all necessary to come to terms with this and prepare a cake from purchased cookies with ready-made caramelized condensed milk..

You can divide the preparation into stages, part of the procedure instruct the children or the husband.

For example, cook condensed milk or, at least, pull out the oil from the refrigerator beforehand.

The dough can be prepared in advance, it will perfectly wait in the fridge until there is time for baking.

Two days are definitely in stock, but for this you need to buy good flour – wheat, the highest grade, from hard wheat varieties.

Carefully monitor the quality of products, in some cases, you can do with a smaller amount of sour cream, in the recipe for shortbread biscuits, high-quality butter plays a big role.

Cookies can also be baked in advance, for example, in the evening.

Let the cookies cool and mix with the cream the next day..

Anthill Cake is one of the easiest homemade cakes, but it enjoys well-deserved love for both children and adults..

Now you already know how to cook a classic cake, but if guests suddenly come out and there is no time at all, then you consider this recipe to be long.

And here it is in vain!

Just 10 minutes you will need to prepare the anthill from the purchased cookies.

We notice time and look!