Buttermilk – what is it, what is useful product and where is it used

Hearing the word “buttermilk” for the first time, of course, the question arises – what is it? So in this article we will talk about it. So, buttermilk is a dairy product obtained by whipping butter with the addition of special fermented milk bacteria..

In other words, it is low fat cream. It is a real source of useful properties. Contains lactose, lecithin, as well as protein, which is necessary for proper muscle and skeletal development. Fat usually contains 0.5%, which allows its use in the diet.

Buttermilk - что это, чем полезен продукт и где применяется

The buttermilk (another name for buttermilk) is used to make many varieties of dietary sour milk beverages, baby food, and even in the manufacture of cosmetics, such as shampoos and masks for the skin..

Often, buttermilk is used in homemade recipes for dressing dishes: salads, some desserts; as well as cooking cold soups. Externally, it has similarities with skim milk, but in practice it will easily help replace sour cream, which will significantly reduce the fat content of the finished dish..

In the food industry, it is used in baking cupcakes, pancakes or homemade bread. It gives the test airiness and porosity, which is highly valued in cooking, and especially in the confectionery industry. In fact, buttermilk serves as an excellent substitute for fatty dairy products such as kefir or cream. It is also used in the preparation of smoothies and even main courses..

For Slavic cuisine, buttermilk is something unusual. But, for example, in Britain, it is very popular. Most homemade breads baked in Albion contain this healthy product..

And in Australia, they created buttermilk based on buttermilk, which can be spread on bread immediately after being removed from the refrigerator. And in Germany, a whole range of dairy products is prepared from it, including cheeses, curds, butter and drinks..

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What is so useful this dairy “novelty”

Buttermilk is a real champion of utility among dairy products. This fermented milk product will bring particular benefits to people with a weak cardiovascular system, as well as suffering from overweight.

Caloric content of this product is 35 kcal / 100 gr. It is valued for its dietary composition and the maintenance of a number of essential trace elements. Among which:

  1. Lactose. Needed to normalize the work of the intestine. It stimulates the nervous system, and also helps to absorb the vitamins of group C and B;
  2. Choline, also known as vitamin B4. Normalizes the liver, eliminates cholesterol plaques, “repairs” the cardiovascular system;
  3. Lecithin. The building material of the body. Essential for tissues and cells. It is also a kind of energy fuel for humans;
  4. Potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus. Ensure the smooth functioning of internal organs and systems.

Buttermilk is a universal product for the diet of the elderly, pregnant women and young children. Cottage cheese, prepared on its basis, will be an excellent source of high-quality protein, which will not leave indifferent lacto-vegetarians.

Among other properties, churning is also found to be a laxative property. Therefore, it can be used in the everyday menu for the gradual and painless elimination of chronic constipation..

Thanks to vitamin B4, this fermented milk product is recommended for people undergoing long-term antibiotic treatment. Choline helps restore liver tissue, which takes on the side effects of medications..

Who should carefully include buttermilk in the diet

Buttermilk contains a minimum concentration of casein, so it is easily tolerated by people prone to allergic reactions to dairy products. Nevertheless, doctors do not recommend abuse of this product. It is also worth being attentive to people who suffer from increased acidity of the stomach, an ulcer or gastritis..

High levels of churning in food can cause unpleasant symptoms. Among which is bloating or upset.

Buttermilk – where to find it and how to replace it

Buttermilk can be bought in most grocery supermarkets. In industrial conditions it is prepared according to the following method. Specific bacteria are added to skimmed milk, and after some time, the milk sugar is oxidized..

If the recipe contains buttermilk, but it is not at hand, you can use a perfectly acceptable alternative. It is enough to take milk, mix with lemon juice or vinegar. For a glass of liquid is enough 1 tablespoon of an acidic product..

Mixture need to insist 15 minutes. After the mass thickens, you get excellent home-made buttermilk. Serum or matsoni are also used instead of milk..

This is an extremely healthy drink. No fermented milk product has as many valuable qualities as this liquid. And there are a lot of advantages in its use. The disadvantages of churning can be easily eliminated by balancing the amount of it in the diet.