Sausage stewed cabbage is a delicious dish that is very easy to make..

And it is not only tasty, but also low-calorie..

Of course, it can not be called refined.

However, it is this kind of nourishing and affordable food that forms the basis of our diet..

Appetizing recipe
Stewed капуста с сосиской: вкусные рецепты
Ingredients amount
sausages three or four pieces
cabbage small head
bulb 1 PC.
tomato paste 3 tbsp. l.
water glass
vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l.
salt and spices taste
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 139 Kcal

This amount of food is enough for three or four servings..

Cooking technology number 1

In the vegetable oil, heated in a skillet, put finely chopped onion.

Onions are fried until golden on medium heat.

Then sausages sliced ​​into onions are added to the onions..

This mixture is fried for 5-8 minutes with constant stirring..

While you should chop a vegetable, which then also goes to the pan.

Cabbage with onions and sausages stew over medium heat for 15 minutes with occasional stirring.

Now you need to dissolve the tomato paste in water and add it to the dish..

Then everything is stewed until the cabbage softens..

Literally before the end of the dish must be salted..

The dish is removed from the heat and immediately served on the table..

Cooking technology number 2

cabbage тушеная с сосиской технология №2You can cook this dish a little differently with the same ingredients..

Peel and chop the onion finely and chop the cabbage finely..

Takes a saucepan with a thick bottom where oil is poured..

Onions should be fried to transparency for five minutes..

Now the cabbage is added, and everything is mixed..

Close the lid and fry the dish on low heat (if necessary, add water).

After 20 minutes, add tomato paste, salt, pepper.

canape на шпажках рецепты Recipes canapes on skewers will really like your guests. And tasty and fast. If you like cabbage, then find out how sea kale is useful. A detailed description of the product can be found in this article..

Everything is mixed and stewed for 20 minutes until the cabbage is ready..

Sausages should be free of the casing and cut into half a centimeter wide circles..

Vegetable oil (a little) pour on another frying pan.

Put sliced ​​sausages into it and fry for about five minutes or a little longer, until the bottom side is slightly fried.

To make the circles fry more evenly, you need to press them down with a wide spatula..

Then turn the sausages and fry the second side..

Fried sausages are added to the stewed cabbage, and everything is thoroughly mixed..

Garlic lovers can add it in crushed form.

Serve hot immediately.

Sauerkraut stewed with sausage

After stewing sauerkraut, you can get a very tasty dish..

For this you need products:

  1. 2-3 kg of sauerkraut;
  2. 70 grams of fat;
  3. tomato paste (2 tbsp. l.);
  4. salt and pepper to taste;
  5. one onion;
  6. five pieces of allspice;
  7. two or three pieces of bay leaf;
  8. half a spoon of cumin;
  9. teaspoon paprika.

Chopped bacon is melted in a saucepan or deep frying pan to transparency.

Chopped onion is added to the fat and fried with it until golden..

Now, sauerkraut is laid out, into which you need to pour hot water (100-150 g).

Under the lid everything stews for about 20 minutes on low heat.

Tomato cabbage, cumin and paprika are added to braised cabbage.

Mix everything, add sliced ​​sausages, cover and stew for an hour and a half..

20 minutes before the end put a bay leaf with pepper.

Carefully with salt, because sauerkraut is not usually salted.

Stew sauerkraut with sausage

Stewed кислая капуста с сосискойMany traditional recipes offer sauerkraut squeezed brine.

This is a matter of personal choice..

Even in good sauerkraut there is always some excess acid.

If desired, it can be neutralized by adding fresh vegetable.

Chopped onion fried in melted fat until golden brown.

Sour cabbage and spices are added (for example, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, thyme, white and black pepper), as well as some liquid (water or broth).

You can add two peeled and cut into thin slices of apple.

After the dish is extinguished for 10-15 minutes, add sliced ​​sausages.

Close the lid and simmer for about two hours..

Microwave Cooking

Cooking вмикроволновкеIn a container designed for a microwave, pour vegetable oil (2 tbsp. L.) And add chopped onion.

Without a lid stew in the oven for 3 minutes – for 1000 watts. You can stew onions with tomatoes.

Add chopped cabbage to onions..

With the lid on for 10 minutes, extinguish at 1000 W.

Then you need to get it and mix.

Steam and bitterness must come out of the dish..

Add shredded carrots, and with the lid on for another 10 minutes, place in the oven at 1000 W.

Get the cabbage out of the oven again and mix well..

Add tomato paste (or ketchup), salt, can be soy sauce.

pickled капуста калорийность If you follow your diet then you need to know the calorie content of sauerkraut. Especially if you like to cook the dish given in this article. For lovers of tasty food – the rabbit recipe with sour cream in the oven: retsept.html. Dish just fingers you lick.

Echinacea syrup for children can be more read here..

Cooking in an oven requires less salt..

Now sliced ​​sausages are added and everything is mixed again..

With the lid closed, put the dish in the oven for five minutes at 1000 W.

Then removed, all mixed and added chopped fresh herbs (for example, parsley with dill).

With the lid on for five minutes, put in the oven at the same capacity.

Finally, remove the cabbage, but do not need to open.

It should “reach”, since after the end of the action of the waves, the cooking process continues for about two minutes..

Now you can try it.

Cooked cabbage with sausage prepared in this way is tasty, juicy and aromatic..

Calorie dishes

What is калорийность данной еды

The calorie content of the ingredients in the dish is as follows:

  • white cabbage (1100 g) – 297 kcal;
  • carrots (100 g) – 32 kcal;
  • milk sausages (100 g) – 266 kcal;
  • Onions (100 g) – 41 kcal;
  • Tomato (100 g) – 23 kcal.

The dish has a low calorie content (which depends on the ingredients in the dish).

It can be included in a diet for weight loss and with a tendency to constipation..

In addition, this dish contains many valuable ingredients..

In cabbage a large amount of iron and fiber.

Sauerkraut – a storehouse of vitamin C.

Tomato with tomato paste contain a rich composition of vitamins: groups B, as well as A, E, C, PP, beta-carotene.

Tomatoes also include lycopene – a powerful antioxidant..

In the bow a lot of vitamin C, enhances immunity.

Onion also reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, activates metabolic processes, has an antiseptic effect.

In total, the calculated caloric content of braised cabbage per 100 g is about 102 kcal..

This wonderful dish can cook the most inexperienced hostess..

Food availability and simple cooking technology guarantee easy and cheap food for the family..

This is German-style food, and the adult part of the family can gladly add a glass of excellent beer to it..

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