If someone perceives Georgian kupaty as an ordinary home-made sausage, which every owner in the livestock industry once did in the villages, and now you can buy it in any meat store, then this perception is wrong.

Homemade купаты на гриле

The technology of how to cook kupaty, in the early stages really resembles sausage, but then finds its own unique line: in cooking as a semi-finished product, and in cooking as a full-fledged dish, and in the style of serving.

Home-made sausages – they are also called.

Cooks celebrate amazing juiciness and extraordinary taste..

Or, as we say, having in mind the superlative degree, – to taste.

Dish history

Kupaty in Georgia have long been known, it was learned from us and appreciated only a few years ago, and is prepared as an alternative to another popular Georgian dish – kebabs.

The convenience of sausages in semi-prepared form was appreciated by Georgian hostesses during the cold season..

Despite the fact that the country is called southern, winters in Georgia are quite severe and snowy, with a climate that is quite acceptable for the storage of meat products..

Sausages по-имеретински с гранатомThis was used by cordial Georgians, offering their numerous guests mini-sausages with the heat of the heat, the baking time of which is one toast, no more.

Preliminary preparation of semi-finished products took much longer, but who saves it in Georgia when it comes to accepting dear guests?!

Spending a day or two on cooking raw kupat, then storing them frozen, and when guests are at the door, bake or fry for a few minutes – this is a feature of the dish and Georgian generosity.

Traditional classic recipe

Kupaty in the classic version is meat, a lot of spices and fire.

And the meat can be of any kind: from lamb to chicken, you can mix, as well as the source of fire – from a fire to a slow cooker.

Plus a tart red wine and good company..

In order for sausages to turn out truly Georgian, a pig intestine is also needed (many, for lack of natural products, use collagen substitutes, but this is not exactly what is needed).

For the full identity of your traditional dish, you will have to look for a natural casing, which can be sold in the meat rows of agricultural markets or in meat stores..

Pork кишкиIf you have coped with the task and bought the “right” intestines, they need to be processed: cut into pieces of 0.5 meters in length, turn out, clean and wash.

Finished quality shell must be transparent and whole – without a single impulse.

Now you can proceed directly to the preparation of kupat with clear photos:

  1. Meat mince or finely chop with a knife, mix with chopped lard and onions. We turn мясо
  2. Add finely chopped greens and spices to the mince. For flavor and taste, you can use black and red peppers, herbs, a set of spices for mince. We throw специи
  3. With the resulting mass, fill the guts, firmly tying them on both sides.. Fill кишки Raw изделия

Semi-finished product is easy to prepare if you own the technology of stuffing.

This is the most difficult for inexperienced cooks: you need to evenly distribute the stuffing and make sure that it does not tear the shell..

But there will be no problems if there is modern kitchen equipment with special nozzles for sausage stuffing..

Raw products can be brought to readiness immediately, you can freeze – in any case, after baking, they will acquire an amazing aroma and taste.

You do not know how to cook finished kupaty?

It’s very simple: fry them all thoroughly before purchasing a golden crust and all, or use the recipes below..

If you have a grinder with a special syringe nozzle, then you are very lucky!

This circumstance will greatly facilitate all recipe technology..

Let’s watch the video and find out everything:

Kupaty in a pan

Home sausages can not be tasteless.

Even with the most standard cooking – on a skillet – the bathes are juicy and fragrant..

Fry на сковородеIf you have just come from work, pretty hungry, you can make them quickly: get out of the freezer, put it on the pan, close the lid and fry on both sides.

But you can use a different, more original, recipe..

So, how to cook kupaty in a pan, described below:

  1. A few sausages (4-5 pieces) cut into thick circles and fry in vegetable oil. Add quite a bit of oil, because there is lard in the stuffing, thanks to which the kupaty are capable of “letting the fat down.
  2. Brown sausages temporarily put on a plate, and in the remaining fat in the skillet save the onion (1 onion), to it a little later add tomato juice (0.5 cups), crushed garlic (3-5 cloves), a little ginger and (optional) small pod of bitter pepper. Salt sauce and add some Provencal herbs for flavor..
  3. In the boiling tomato juice, return the pieces of sausages and let simmer another 25-10 minutes. Decorate the finished dish with finely chopped greens – and enjoy.

Such kupaty in the pan are original, tasty, moderately spicy and savory..

They can be served both as an everyday dish and as a festive one – they look great on the table.

But how to cook kupaty with vegetable garnish in the video story below:

Cooking Recipes in the Oven and Multicooker

There are no fundamental differences between cooking kupat in a frying pan, in an oven or a slow cooker: the same meat in the same casing is amenable to different types of heat treatment.

There are taste preferences: someone loves sausages fried, someone – baked.

The advantage of cooked in the oven – the number of sausages that can be baked at a time.

The method is suitable for cases when a large number of guests are invited to the house..

  1. If you use frozen kupaty, pre-thaw the semi-finished products, boil them in salted water. But many cooks do without cooking – immediately sausages are baked or fried.
  2. In the oven warmed to 180 degrees, place the baking sheet with these meat products..
  3. In the process of baking, water them with the fat that stands out from them, giving them extra juiciness.
  4. To make the dish perfect, bake the sausages in foil for the first 15 minutes and bring them to readiness, freeing them from the foil wrapper..
  5. In order to get both a meat dish and a side dish at the same time, place the sliced ​​potatoes on a baking sheet. Impregnated with grease and aromas of fragrant herbs, potatoes will be canceled.

Kupaty со свежими овощами

How to cook kupaty in the oven, we found out and the process is quite simple.

There are original recipes for cooking sausages in a slow cooker, giving them a unique taste.

Here is one of them:

  1. Turn on the slow cooker, setting the “extinguishing” mode, pour some vegetable oil into the bowl and warm it up for a few minutes.
  2. Kupaty (4-6 pieces) pierce with a fork in several places and put in a bowl. Fry on both sides until golden brown.
  3. After frying for a while, remove them from the slow cooker and put grated carrots (2 pcs.) And onions (1 pc.) Sliced ​​into rings in this place.
  4. After five minutes of heat treatment of vegetables, sausages can be returned to the slow cooker..
  5. In a separate container, prepare a wine sauce of 150 g of dry white wine, a teaspoon of mustard, 0.5 teaspoon of sugar, salt and black pepper. Ingredients to mix, pour the contents of the bowl and cook for another half hour. That’s all the wisdom of how to cook kupat in a slow cooker.

Some useful tips

Baked колбаски с картошкой

The main reason that stops home cooks and prevents cooking kupaty from scratch is not even ignorance of how to cook them at home, but the inability to handle the natural skin – the intestines..

We present to your attention the processing methods of this thin material that almost every rural grandmother owns:

  • clean the intestines should not blade, and the back of a knife, so they remain intact and lose the unpleasant mucus plaque;
  • in the absence of a special nozzle in a meat grinder for filling the kupat, you can successfully use a homemade device from a plastic bottle: cut off the bottom of a liter container, fill the bottle with meat, first put the prepared gut on the neck, and squeeze the mince with a fist or smaller bottle;
  • so that the thin shell does not burst when frying or baking, it is necessary to make several punctures.
ShurpaStep by step cooking beef shurpa. This is a dish that is ideal for a hearty lunch, and even to treat guests to its presentation will be appreciated..

If reluctance to bother with cooking meat, then try to make a kebab in a slow cooker. Meat on it is cut large, and there is no particular hassle. Read more in the article..

Do you want something sweet after salty dishes? I have an idea! A delicious recipe for lush brushwood.

Following these simple tips, you can get homemade homemade sausages as close as possible to the Georgian original..

And to answer the eternal question: what is the difference between kupaty and homemade sausage, just try them.

Not only the size and not only the name, the main distinguishing factors of the dish: taste, aroma, tenderness – all this is present in the original Caucasian sausages and all this can be obtained in your kitchen if you try.