The preparation of this authentic dish requires strict adherence to this recipe..

It is a flat cake made from unleavened dough, which is made in the form of a boat and filled with different types of cheese (Suluguni, Imeretinsky), in the center of which is an egg and a large amount of high-quality butter.

Eat this dish with their hands, breaking off pieces of dough from the edges and dipping it into a creamy filling.

Khachapuri: origins and varieties

Khachapuri is a classic Georgian dish whose origins go back to the north-west of Georgia..

Now not only is traditionally served at a table for festive meals, but also occupies a leading place in the menu of numerous restaurants and cafes in Georgia..

Literally translated as “hacho” – cottage cheese, “puri” – bread.

Modern versions have a large number of the most diverse fillings: with different types of cheese, with cottage cheese, with minced meat, even with fish.

Depending on the filling, the shape of the product and its name also change..

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Thus, in each region of Georgia, its own cooking variant: Adzharian – in the form of a boat with liquid chkinti queli filling, the Imeretin variant is closed, has a round shape, Mingrelian – are additionally sprinkled with cheese from above, for cooking Racha’s – they use beans and smoked meat, froth – have form folded envelope. Mass options!

Each mountain region has its own varieties of Khachapuri: Imeretinsky, Megrelian and Adzhar.

We will consider the last option with a detailed description of the recipe and give useful tips for cooking at home.

Adzhar-style khachapuri step-by-step recipe
Recipe хачапури по-аджарски: тонкости приготовления с фото
Ingredients amount
wheat flour 1 kg
Sahara tea spoon
salt tea spoon
vegetable oil tablespoon
milk and water a glass
dry yeast tablespoon
Suluguni (can be replaced with Adygei cheese) about a kilogram
chicken eggs 10 pieces.
butter 200 g
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 315 Kcal

Khachapuri is the visiting card of Georgia. Served as a separate dish with a salad of fresh vegetables and a glass of good Georgian ice-cream.

Eat warm by all means, so that the butter soaked the cheese filling and mixed with the egg yolk, breaking off a piece of the “boat” and scooping up the creamy egg filling.

Everything, I can not wait to try them!

Step-by-step recipe with a photo of Georgian khachapuri Adzhar:

  1. The first step is to sift the flour so that the resulting dough is as fluffy and soft as possible; Flour
  2. In sifted flour, make a small depression and pour in liquid (milk diluted in equal proportions with water); Yeast
  3. Pour the baker’s yeast, sugar, salt, a spoonful of vegetable oil; Fill молоком
  4. Knead the neat dough so that it is sticking to the hands, adding the right amount of flour, roll the dough into a bowl and cover with a towel; Dough
  5. Put the dough into a warm place without drafts;
  6. Let’s do the stuffing: disassemble the cheese into fibers or rub, adding a small amount of water until a slurry is formed; Filling
  7. When the dough doubles in size, divide it into 10 equal parts;
  8. Roll up the balls and flatten them in a flat cake, then pinch the edges, folding them like a dress’s hem, giving the dough a deep boat shape with stretched edges; Boat
  9. Put a good portion of cheese filling inside the boat and immediately put it in the red-hot oven to an average level (so that the filling grabs and the boat is evenly baked) for 15 minutes; Fill серединку изделия
  10. After the indicated time, take out the khachapuri and pour in each egg (raw eggs should be boiled before boiling);
  11. Return the baking tray to the oven for literally 2 minutes, during which time the protein will have time to curl up, and the yolk will remain liquid;
  12. Transfer the resulting egg boats to a beautiful flat dish and on each place a piece of butter to taste; Omit масло
  13. Dip the pieces of dough in the filling and eat, closing your eyes with pleasure. Here they are so delicious, these are real Adzhar-style khachapuri! Eating блюда Ready made хачапури по-аджарски

Useful tips cooks

It is not necessary to use Imereti cheese to make cheese filling, it can be successfully replaced with fresh Mozzarella. Make sure that the amount of water in the filling was less, as the Mozzarella cheese itself is quite wet..

If there is little time for cooking khachapuri or you do not want to mess around with dough, you can use ready-made puff pastry, just choose with the presence of yeast – puff-yeast. From this dough it will be easier to form deep boats, the filling will not flow into the cooking process..

Adzhar dough for khachapuri can also be kneaded on yoghurt or classical kefir, make sure that it is not too cold, this may prevent the yeast from flowing and the dough will not rise.

If the cheese for the filling was very salty (for example, cheese) – you can soak it in cold water. To do this, put the cheese in water for an hour, then drain, as necessary – repeat.

The sides of the boat are easy to form on the table, wrapping them with a straw like a towel, evenly stretching the edges to the sides.

Many are afraid to use raw eggs in cooking because of salmonella. To eliminate all possible risks, pre-wash raw eggs well before running under running water, and then pour boiling water over the eggs and wipe dry with a clean towel..

The most important advice: cook with love, then all your meals will be successful, and the family atmosphere is favorable..

Well, now we invite you to sit back and watch a video recipe for delicious khachapuri in Adjara style: